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Finally, a simple way to manage and optimize digital marketing for multiple business locations and franchisees.

In the world of digital marketing, SEO, and PPC, one of the most common struggles is finding a way to manage and optimize marketing for multiple locations.  The challenge of developing keyword targets, optimizing ad listings, and creating content for multiple locations leaves many businesses unable to market in geographic areas they need to target.

All-in-one and One-in-all

Marketing 360® is an all-in-one inbound marketing solution that manages everything your business needs for digital marketing using one software platform.  From data that uncovers traits of your ideal client to the point where they convert into business, the data and tools needed to market online are centralized.

But even better, this also means that campaigns being run in multiple locations can be managed under one software platform:

  • Easily manage budgets and optimize keywords for paid search marketing in multiple locations.
  • Create and distribute SEO content for multi-location targets, optimizing for each geo-target.
  • Track conversion results for all locations on one interface.
  • Distribute campaign modifications and improvement plans across all locations.

In a fraction of the time it used to take, you can identify and push-out campaign improvements to all geo-targeted campaigns.  For franchise marketing, this means that a single branded marketing strategy can be pushed-out to unlimited franchisee locations – a huge value-proposition for them.

Same goes for local service providers, such as plumbers or contractors, who want to market in multiple cities in their area.  Now instead of trying to manage separate campaigns on multiple platforms, it’s all centralized on Marketing 360®.

If you are a franchise or service provider marketing in multiple locations, it’s time to stop the juggle act.  Our all-in-one marketing solution may be the biggest marketing time-saver you’ll ever find.

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