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Marketing in the Post-Truth World

We’ve entered a time where marketing and advertising are more beholden to facts than the news or politics.   The 2016 presidential election brought into focus a serious problem:  the plague of fake news.  Literally fake news, put out by bogus websites who want to inflame passions and encourage social media sharing of the content. CNN’s Brian Stelter discusses this … Continued

Why We Love Branding, Even Though We Don’t Believe It

Modern marketing is defined by the concept of branding. At least it was. There was a time when all you needed to be successful in business was a superior product.  If you sold hammers or shirts or beers that were better than your competitions’, you had your selling advantage. However, the later half of the 20th Century ushered in an … Continued

Perfect Weddings & The Quarter Pound Contrivance

The age of digital transformation is bringing a change to brand advertising.  Please.  We’ve discussed how the digital age is starting to marginalize advertising that targets spontaneous buyers.   Consumers, armed with the information tools of the internet, are less likely to buy on a whim. Commercials like this one from McDonald’s make you wonder if humanistic advertising is next: … Continued

Hippies, Millennials, & The Start-Up Mindset

Fareed Zakaria is wondering why trends towards entrepreneurship and business start-ups are declining. It’s a good question with no definitive answers, even though there’s no shortage of studies addressing the issue. Mr. Zakaria observes a less-noted factor:  generational concerns. Young people today dress like Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, consume technology voraciously and talk about disruptive innovation. But they want to work … Continued