Why Should I Choose Marketing 360®?

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Simon Sinek gave a popular Ted Talk on the idea that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.   Take the time to watch it here if you haven’t seen it.

So let’s take that rare opposite approach Simon talks about and explore why Marketing 360® exists.  And even more importantly, let’s explore why it’s so important to you as a small business marketing in a very big, digitally driven world.

We’ll follow Simon’s Golden Circle that starts with why.

Why Marketing 360® – What We Believe

At Marketing 360®, we believe in the strength of the entrepreneurial spirit.  We believe if you have an innovative product that’s beneficial to a defined group, you can use the power of marketing to make a connection with them.

We believe that small business owners and entrepreneurs who are not digital marketing experts should still understand the strategy, tactics, and execution of their marketing efforts.

We believe that small business and entrepreneurship are the lifeblood of the American economy.  When the businesses we work with grow and create great jobs, we believe there is a connected effect that benefits everyone.

How Marketing 360® Does It

Marketing 360® is a solution to a problem that we couldn’t ignore.  As the tactics needed to market online grew and became more complex, small businesses were forced to work with different, unconnected resources to cover everything.

A small business would have one agency doing paid search, another doing organic search, and yet another doing their design.  If they needed social media management or copywriting, they’d have to tack on another consultant.

Furthermore, each of these areas of digital marketing had its own reporting software.  This left businesses trying to piece together a strategy between a handful of vendors and software platforms.

With such a confusing approach, most business owners came to us frustrated about online marketing.  Many openly expressed their disgust, certain the marketing profession was filled with hacks.

So we created the only all-in-one marketing service in the world specifically designed for SMBs, entrepreneurs, and start-ups.  We developed a hybrid solution that would bring all these fractured resources together.  That means all the software, reporting, and communication on one platform, one resource.

We realized this was the only way a business could execute one clear, effective strategy, integrated through all their tactics.

Which, with all the competition out there, was the only way to be successful.

What Marketing 360® Does

Marketing 360® is full-service digital marketing firm operating in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Our in-house staff executes all aspects of our client’s digital marketing campaigns.  This includes designers, developers, copywriters, sales consultants, social media management, SEO and PPC specialists, photo/video production, and CRM support.

The focal points of our solution are the team of dedicated marketing executives who work directly with clients, and the marketing software platform we use to centralize data tracking.

While most small business online marketing is split-up and spread-out, our solution is just the opposite:  it’s all about one.

As a client, you have one marketing executive as a point of contact and manager of all your campaign work.  You use one marketing platform to track and report on all your marketing efforts.

Most importantly, this allows us to execute one, cohesive strategy where the tactics are mutually supportive.  Successful PPC campaigns inform the SEO strategy.  Informational blog content naturally funnels into conversion-based website designs.  Social media captures new leads at the initial stage of interest, and retargeting ads move them towards becoming new customers.

Simon Sinek says:

The goal is not to do business with everybody who needs what you have.  The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.

We believe this is an era of entrepreneurial business opportunity unlike any the world has ever seen.  We believe the tools of digital marketing are manageable and can be used with precision.  We believe the connections that will lead to your personal and business success are out there, ready to be made.

If you believe the same things, we’d like to do business with you.

Here are some small business entrepreneurs who believe.  Not just in Marketing 360®, but in their business idea and in themselves.  They know why they do what they do.  And that makes all the difference.