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Ranked a Top 10 “Best in Service” Franchise Marketing Solution

Post By Admin | Marketing 360® Reviews, News & Info

franchise marketing award

We are proud to announce ranked Marketing 360® a 10 top “Best in Service” marketing solution for franchises!

In Entrepreneur’s first-ever ranking of the companies that help franchises thrive we made the list as a top 10 marketing solution!

Click here to learn more about our franchise marketing solution –
Franchise Marketing 360®

Click here to see the full rankings –
Best in Service: The 105 Top Suppliers for Franchises in 2018

Thank you to our amazing team for making this possible.


Multi-Location Franchise Marketing Software

Franchise marketing has an advantage that is also a challenge.  Different franchisee locations have similar marketing requirements and strategies, which gives the advantage of being able to use the same basic campaigns for all the locations.  The challenge is finding a way to manage them that takes advantage of the similarities while separating for the different locations.

Franchise Marketing 360®

The Franchise Marketing 360® software system is built to take advantage of having a centrally driven marketing message that can be pushed out to franchisee locations.  This system makes it easy to measure and monitor all locations a central marketing software system.  You can:

  • Manage paid advertising on multiple accounts from one platform.
  • Track organic rankings (SEO) over-time for each location.
  • Track conversion data for each location.
  • Use the same interface to request website updates, budget changes, content edits, or video production.
  • Update local directory listings for all locations on one platform.
  • Maintain consistent branding and message across all platforms and channels such as website design, videos, and social media.
  • Choose to work with one marketing executive to oversee all franchise locations, or let each franchisee work independently with their own Marketing 360® exec.  Either way, the overall strategy is integrated.
  • Integrate Email and CRM software for the entire franchise, organized separately for each location.
  • Use a full-service merchant payment system integrated with your marketing interface.  Accept payments, get POS software/hardware, and access capital funding when needed.
  • Work with a reputation management pro and use software to improve online reviews and rankings.
  • Manage social media marketing and content development, with collateral that can be used by all franchisees.
  • Use data to monitor results across and make informed modifications that benefit all franchise locations.

Each franchisee gets access to marketing support team that’s beyond top 10.  It’s really second to none.

m360 marketing team

The Marketing 360® system lets franchises ensure brand message and quality of marketing across locations.  For franchisees, it provides a fully managed, turnkey marketing solutions that tracks the data they care the most about.