(Problem x 2)

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no problemIt’s bad enough when a problem comes up.  Your value proposition is off.  Your website content is gaining no attention from people or search engines.  You have no CRM so your customer info is a shambles.  Your website design is overdone and confusing, killing your lead-generation.

But it can get worse.

These problems are real, but you don’t see them for what they are.  On the contrary, you don’t think you have a problem.  I think the damn website looks great!

Now you have (problem x 2).  The original problem, plus that fact that you’re wrong about it. Your mistake is made exponentially worse because you argue with others about how you’re right.

This is one of worst positions you can be in with your marketing (business or life, for that matter).  You’re expending energy and creating friction to defend a mistake.  This kind of stubbornness will put you out of business.

(Problem x 2) is one of the reasons it’s so important to focus on your target audience rather than your business solution in your marketing.  When you look too much at your own business, you’re biased. Which makes it easy to overlook your mistakes.

When you focus more on the needs of your target audience, you’re forced to empathize.  You have to look more at the results of your marketing than view through your personal lens.

Your marketing data will help you hear.  Look at the numbers over the right time intervals.  Eventually, when you’re way behind on the score, you have to admit you’re wrong.

If you are arguing for a position and realize you’re uncertain about how right you are, pause.  Move away from the argument and look at the problem objectively.  Look at the facts.  Are you seeing this clearly, or is your opinion clouding your view?

You must avoid (problem x 2).  Because there is no (problem x 3).  Argue too much when you’re wrong, and you’ll be starting over.