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Limousine Service Marketing Tips, Ideas & Strategies

Post By Scott Yoder | Local Advertising

Are you frustrated by trying to generate new business for your limousine service?  Here are some marketing ideas and tips that will help you get on top of online marketing in 2019.

Limousine services need marketing plans that reflect their business:  on the go.

From business people in a rush at the airport to brides planning their wedding months in advance, your marketing must connect with customers’ needs on their terms.

Below are some of the essentials of limousine service marketing.  Follow these ideas and strategies to generate more leads and distance yourself from the competition.

Limousine Marketing Tip #1:  Develop a Superior Website

The focal point of your online marketing is your limousine service website.  You’ll drive search traffic, PPC advertisements, and social media ads to it.  All your marketing collateral, from business cards to brochures, should include your website URL.

Limousine service websites need to do several things well:

  1. Have a clean, simple design that’s easy to navigate.
  2. Promote a professional, classy image people expect from limo services.
  3. Make it easy to book a service or contact a rep.
  4. Be mobile friendly so all of the above is also achieved on a phone.

Here is an example of a limousine website site from our UXI template:

limo service website template

A template like this is not expensive (in fact you can get it free when you market with us), so there is no reason to live with an outdated website.

If a business client is standing in an airport terminal and can’t navigate your site on her phone, it’s costing you.  Limo sites must be mobile responsive.

Limousine Marketing Tip #2:  Develop a Clear Value Proposition

One problem limousine services face is that their business is based on a relative commodity.  On the outside, most limo services look the same.

To gain a competitive advantage, you not only need to define what you do better than your competition, you need to communicate it clearly to prospective clients.

This is the core of your value proposition, which is a statement that defines a value offer you specialize in, communicates how you solve your client’s problem, and distinguishes you from the competition.

Start with your services.  What do you specialize in?  On-time airport runs?  Wedding limos with added amenities?  Killer nights in a party bus?  Local sightseeing tours?  Posh business services?

State the areas you excel on your website and other marketing materials.

Second, consider your clients.  What are the areas of customer service they appreciate?  How do you save them time and money?  What do they compliment you on?

Third, look at your competition.  How can you distinguish yourself from all the other limo services out there?  What services, option, or price advantages can you make clear?   Why should someone looking at your website choose you instead of another limo service?

If you can’t say why you’re the best choice, be assured prospects won’t take the time to figure it out on their own.

Very few limousine services develop a strong value proposition.  If you can communicate this message first thing on your homepage, you’ll gain a real competitive advantage.

Limousine Marketing Tip#3:  Master Demographic and Geo-Targeted Advertising

It’s graduation time and there is a large neighborhood by the university campus where most of the student population lives.

Target your advertising.  On both Google and Facebook, you can create ads that target:

  • The geographic location (your ads only show in the area where students live).
  • Ages of people likely to be graduating.
  • Affiliations, such as being part of a fraternity or sorority.

Or, say there is an area of the city wealthy, business travelers live.  Target by:

  • Geographic location
  • Household income
  • Job type
  • Level of education
  • History of business travel

You can target ads for C-level business travelers in an area with high-income homes.

This is the power of targeted advertising today.  Similar strategies can be used on Twitter or LinkedIn.

It’s no longer worth it to just blanket large areas with general ads for limousine services.  Instead, you need to target your ads based on knowledge of your target audience.

It’s springtime now, and brides are planning weddings.  Ads for your wedding limo services should be showing up in their Facebook Newsfeeds.

Limousine Marketing Tip #4:  Master Your Online Reputation

Your value proposition is the most important marketing content you create – but it may not be the most important overall.

Consumers today look to the opinions of other consumers to help them make decisions.  Online reviews, social media comments, and website testimonials from happy clients can become your most valuable marketing material.

Important Idea:  Ask for Reviews

How do you get more positive reviews?  The best thing you can do is ask for them.   Mention to happy clients at the end of the gig – often they can do it right on their phones.  Also, send a follow-up email with a quick link to the review site you’d like them to add to.

Important Idea:  Spread Your Reputation Around

As you gain more positive reviews, try to get them to appear on the main review websites.

Start with your Google business listing.  This listing ranks on organic search, and you can see how prominent reviews are on the page:

google limousine service serp

Extra tip:  Be sure to optimize your Google business page for your important keywords (limo services + location).  This will be the top organic ranking you’ll get.  Use keywords in your business description and service descriptions, including areas you service (like airport names).  More positive reviews will also help your ranking.

Next, use Top Rated Local.  This service gives you more flexibility in terms of how review comments are displayed, and also has a widget you can place on your website:

top rated local

Facebook is also a great place to get reviews and another place where most of your clients can easily leave one.  Be sure to enable reviews on your Facebook business page and encourage happy clients to post comments.

Set-up and monitor your Yelp page.  Be alert for negative reviews that – for some reason – tend to congregate on Yelp.

Respond to any legitimate complaints and flag any reviews you think are false or put up by a competitor.

Your review profile won’t be perfect – everyone gets stuck in traffic now and then.  But remember that consistent, high-quality service is the biggest boon to your review profile.  Every time you exceed expectations and add those extra touches, you help your marketing.  Every time you cut corners or don’t treat clients as well as you should, you hurt your marketing.

Limousine Marketing Tip #5:   Facebook Marketing and Lead Generation

Facebook is now Google’s equal when it comes to users, and is arguably the world’s most influential website.

There are multi-faceted ways you can use Facebook to market your limousine services.  Start by having an active profile where you post the latest news and reviews about your business.

Next, encourage clients to share their experience with you on Facebook and other social media channels.  Make sure they tag your services in their posts.  Encourage people to take photos and create Instagram and/or Snapchat stories about their trip.  All this free, user generated content is a great way to expose your brand.

On Facebook, set-up call and messaging services and be prepared to be responsive.  Increasingly, people are staying on Facebook and contacting businesses by messaging them:

facebook limo

The most important thing about messaging on Facebook is that you be responsive.  Make sure someone is on during the times you post availability.

Important Idea:  Use Facebook Lead Ads

You can run ads on Facebook where the lead can call or fill out a form right on Facebook.  It’s fast and works well when you carefully target audiences likely to hire a limousine service.

Limousine Marketing Tip #6:  Run Paid Search Ads for Specific Services

To get the top places on search pages, you run PPC advertisements.  Most limo businesses make the mistake of having all their keyword targets just go to their homepage.  And often, they only have the most basic keyword phrases, with no ads for specific services.

You can get an edge by creating ad campaigns and landing pages that go with each service you offer.

For example, your airport services should have an ad group that is specific to that service/offer.  Then, it should click through to a landing page that is specifically about your airport services which repeats the same deal as the ad.

This is called message match, and it’s important because conversions rates are higher when the ad and the page the person visits have content that match.  You avoid confusing visitors, which is death for online conversions.

Apply this to every service you advertise for, including weddings, local tours, bachelor/bachelorette parties, graduations, anniversaries, funerals, and business travel.

Imagine someone looking for limo services for a funeral going to a page on your website that shows a bachelorette party.  Will they convert?

Important Idea:  Retargeting

A fact of online marketing is that most people who visit a website don’t convert right away.  They get distracted and keep on surfing.

Retargeting ads are a tactic that keep your ads and brand name in front of people after they leave your website.  You can run them on Google display networks and Facebook.   The ads look like:

retargeting limo

Retargeting keeps your brand name in front of leads, reminding them to finish what they started.  Campaigns are not expensive to run, so ROI is high on these ads.

Pro Tip:  Run Call-Only Campaigns

Imagine a business person getting off a plane realizing they need to arrange a limo service from the airport.  They get out their phone to find something fast.

This lead is not going to take the time to search through websites.  She’s going to check a couple of ads and click on a phone number.

To capture these hot leads, use call-only campaigns.  These ads show only on mobile and the lead is a phone call.  Run the ads at airports, business parks, and areas with a lot of restaurants or hotels, where people make last minute decisions to hire a limo service.

Limousine Marketing Tip #7:  Create a Video

Want to show off your awesome party bus?  What better way that to create a short video:

This is a pretty basic video, yet it does the job of showing off the party bus.

When you’re developing your video, put yourself into your potential client’s shoes.  Remember that you’re selling them on your services, not just trying to show off how cool you are.  Make sure your value proposition comes through in your video like it does on your website.

Limousine Marketing Tip #8:  Use Software to Cross-Channel Market

If you think all this sounds daunting, you’re not alone.  We’ve come a long way from just using yellow page ads.  Digital marketing is complex.

The key is how you develop your overall strategy across the multiple channels of digital marketing.

We call this cross-channel marketing.  As leads jump around from social media to search to your website landing pages, you need each channel to provide a consistent experience and persuasive message.  Retargeting is an example of this.

It’s difficult to cross-channel market if you have different vendors and tactics on each channel.  It’s also impossible to track data and make informed decisions about your overall strategy.

Marketing software like Marketing 360® is the best way for you to track and manage marketing across channels.  It makes it easy to view your different tactics and see how they come together to grow your business.

Contact us to get a free demo of this powerful marketing software.  It will help you take advantage of cross-channel digital marketing without getting caught-up in its time-consuming management.

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