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Marketing 360® Blog

Dental Marketing Case Study: Conversion Rates Result in High Marketing ROI

This Marketing 360® dental marketing client has three locations – and comes as close to a single, perfect marketing campaign as possible.

What does a local, lead-generation campaign that has everything in place look like?

Well, the data looks like this:

dental marketing case study conversion data

It’s rare to see a business with conversion rates – on all channels – over 10%.  This business is mainly keeping them near 20%, with an overall conversion rate of 21.77%.

These guys are really connecting with their audience.  Let’s break down how they do it.


Niche Offering

Their marketing starts by having one of the most important elements in place.  They have a niche.

This isn’t just a “family” dental office.  They are a pediatric practice that specializes in children’s dentistry.

Their branding, design, and content all focus on this service, creating a cohesive message and clear value proposition.

Having a niche tied to a unique value proposition is like having a great quarterback on your football team.  It’s central to your success and makes everything else you do easier.

Clear Location Info

There are a lot of local business websites that are not explicit about their location in their content.  It’s an odd oversight for a business where customers must come to them.

Not a problem for this dental office.  They have three locations detailed on their homepage content and navigation.

homepage with location info

Each of the links at the top goes to a page with contact info, an embedded map, and an appointment form.

This is a vitally important step on this website.  There is no confusion about where their offices are, which is very important to prospective patients.  We almost always see higher conversions rates from websites that make this information crystal clear.


Organic SEO Rankings

That clear location information doesn’t just help orient visitors.  It helps Google understand where they are.

Which is why their homepage ranks on page one of search for each of their locations:

dentist case study seo rankings

The niche offer also plays a role here.  They also rank on page one for “pediatric dentist” with each location, and the 25.37% conversion rate shows they’re reaching parents seeking a dentist for their kids.


Building Trust With Video

Taking your child to the dentist for the first time can be stressful for both patient and parent.  That fear can cause hesitation.

This practice does a great job of putting parents at ease with videos of the dentists speaking about what to expect.

This practice has several videos on their homepage that introduce the staff and answer frequently asked questions.

This is really useful content that helps people get to know the practice before they visit.  Lowering that sense of worry helps conversion rates.


New Patient Specials

The main audience for this website is new, prospective clients.  The goal is to motivate them to schedule an appointment.

Few things work to that end better than a special offer.  They have two on their homepage:

dental case study specials

The oldest trick in the book, and one that still works.  Nothing motivates people more than the feeling they’re saving money on a special offer.


Trust Our Patients

The last, critical element of this conversion based homepage is testimonials and reviews.

They have a testimonial section at the bottom of the page that links to a full testimonial back page.

They also use the Top Rated Local widget so people see reviews on a third-party site.

dental testimonials

This is the clincher.  Today’s digital consumers don’t just want to know what a business says about itself, they want to know what their customers have to say.

People want to see reviews, and because this site is proactive about putting client comments in front of people, they get visitors seeing their best review content.


Wrap Up

With the success this practice was having across channels, their marketing executive suggested they start doing some boosted posts on Facebook.  This is how their numbers shaped up last month:


Total New Patients: 35
Total Revenue: $14,568

Social Media:

Total New Patients: 8
Total Revenue: $2280

They got $16,848 in revenue generated from $2922 in marketing spend.

That’s over a 6x return on their marketing investment.

That kind of ROI is no accident.  It comes from brilliantly set up marketing materials that describe a high quality, specialized service to a targeted audience.

We often say marketing is about doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

This case study is an example of what happens when everything we’re doing with marketing works.


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