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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Yoga Studio Discovers the Power of Marketing 360®

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Local Advertising

Yoga Pod in Fort Collins knows the power of Marketing 360®.  Here’s their story (in their own words) with a review of how they gain from this platform.

Let’s highlight some of the things that have worked for Yoga Pod.

Getting Them In the Door

The Yoga Pod owner makes several important points at the beginning of the video.

First, she notes both a power and limitation of digital marketing.  Its reach is everywhere, but communication tends to happen in “blips”.  People move fast online, yet businesses have to convey a message that motivates them to come through the door.

For example, Marketing 360® creates Instagram posts which target an audience and make a great offer – and it can be understood in an instant.

yoga case study instagram post

Their top performing ad (converts at 8.09%) makes the quick connection by inviting people to “join the tribe”:

yoga case study ppc ad

Marketing is about creating awareness and getting initial engagement.  This type of collateral is getting it done for Yoga Pod.

The Integrated Platform

The next quality Yoga Pod found in Marketing 360® is how much easier it is to manage marketing on a single, integrated platform.

Yoga Pod uses our email and CRM software, so all of their communication and client records are on the same platform.  This makes knowing the history of each client a snap, especially when compared to the practice of using multiple platforms and vendors to execute marketing.

The Yoga Pod team can easily “pop-in” on their desktop or phone and get a report on their marketing, updated to that day.  This transparency leads to confidence; they always know what’s going on with their marketing.

When combined with the marketing data, it also helps them track what campaigns are growing their business.

For example, this CRM contact is being tracked through an email campaign that offered the $30 for 30 days deal.

Our software lets them track the difference varied marketing campaigns make.

The data below shows the monthly difference when they put more budget into a Social Targeting Ads campaign.  It resulted in an additional 104 conversions.

data bar

yoga comparison data

This type of data helps Yoga Pod identify success and trends so they know where to invest – as well as where to pull back from.  This is the essence of digital marketing.

The Personal Touch

The final and arguably most important component of Marketing 360® isn’t part of the software.  It’s the person guiding it.

Yoga Pod works with an experienced Marketing Executive name Jessica.  Like all of our marketing executives, she’s a pro at understanding local markets and developing strategies to gain market share.

Jessica coordinates the team of designers, content writers, social media experts, reputation management, and video pros so all those resources are available and organized for Yoga Pod.

But there is something else just as important as this work.  The Yoga Pod owner sees Jessica as part of her business.  They’re friends – family.

They have this kind of relationship because Jessica – like all our MEs – communicates clearly and is hyper-responsive.  She doesn’t just know what she’s doing – she communicates why she’s doing it.

What comes through is how much she cares about the success of Yoga Pod.  She’s fighting for their success, and it’s clear in this video how much they appreciate this dedication.

Need a resource as powerful as Marketing 360® in your back pocket?  Contact us today to discuss your future success.