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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Veterinary Clinic Uses A Mission Statement as Their Marketing Message

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Local Advertising

At Marketing 360®, we talk a lot about creating a clear value proposition to use as the focal point of your marketing message.  This is a vital step in developing an overall strategy, and it guides the messaging for your marketing content.

Strictly speaking, a value proposition is a statement that is focused on your customer’s needs.  It focuses on the benefits of your offer, how you solve their problem, and why you’re a better choice than the competition.

Value propositions are the steel beams of marketing.  They hold everything else up.

However, there are some businesses that use what is closer to a mission statement than a value proposition in their marketing material.  This can be appropriate – and also effective.

A mission statement, unlike a value proposition, is focused on your business’ goals and the philosophies that underlie them.  It’s more focused on why you got into business, how you treat your customers, who you employ and how you serve the greater good in your community.

Sometimes the best way to create a unique idea that resonates with people is to use your mission statement.  This veterinary clinic case study is a good example.


Serving Pets and their People

The Brook Farm Veterinary Center serves the Hudson Valley in New York.  When you visit their website, you don’t see a message about how they save you money or time.  They don’t make claims about miracle cures for your pets.  Instead, they get right to their core values:

veterinary marketing case study

This is an unusual statement for a veterinary clinic to start with.  But it peaks your interest.  The content funnels into a link where visitors can learn more.

On this page, they outline their mission statement – in detail.

vet case study

From here, they outline their core values:

vet clinic case study


Converting Through Connections

We are living in a time when the sales process is more nuanced than ever.  In fact, consumers today are increasingly resistant to the idea of being “sold to”.  Today we don’t just buy from a business, we create a connection that makes our experience with them a part of our lifestyle.

Digital has everything to do with this.  A website is far more than just an advertisement – it can have a personality of it’s own.  Social media pages even more so.  A Facebook business page is half website, half open-house.  Prospective clients go to Facebook not just to discover if the business has a service they want, but if they are the type of organization they want to associate with.

Brook Farms continues their personalized messaging with posts like this, where they identify their front desk team as “customer advocates”.

veterinary case study facebook post

The marketing strategy employed by Brooks Farm and Marketing 360® shows a deep understanding of the target audience.  Pet owners are looking for nurturing, empathetic people whose sense of humanity extends to all living creatures.

This website and Facebook content does an excellent job of conveying that message.  The result is a thriving veterinary clinic where everyone from the front desk staff to a nervous dog is treated with the care they deserve.