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Case Study: Self Storage Nails Their Unique Value Proposition

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Local Advertising

In competitive markets, nothing is more important than having a strong value proposition.  This Chicago area self-storage service has a unique offer that distinguishes them – and gives them a marketing advantage.

Doorage, a Chicago area self storage business, offers what you’d expect – but not how you’d expect it.  Here’s how they put it:

self storage marketing case study homepage design


They explain packing, prices, and how to use their site/app to request deliveries.

Here’s the value proposition as they break down a few details.

value proposition

When they say they’re “bringing storage into the 21st Century” and that “traditional storage is outdated”, they’re showing that they have a deliberate marketing strategy.

They start by solving the initial problem – they provide storage units.

But then it gets different.  They provide packing material then pick up and deliver your stuff as needed.  Click a button online and the package you need is brought to you.

They also save money because their process allows them to warehouse your property.  This means you only use the square feet you actually need.

They offer a cheaper, more convenient storage option, which works really well for urban apartment dwellers who may only need an extra closet or two – not a garage.

They become an extension of your home.  Nice.

Whether or not you think this service would work for you, it’s clear that it’s an alternative to a regular on-site storage unit.

Doorage successfully (and to a high degree) separates themselves from the competition.

This opens up their marketing.  For example, the opportunity to target a niche audience:  students.

Students have different storage needs than homeowners, making them a prime fit for this service.  Also, the younger, connected demographic is drawn to the “modern self-storage” concept.

With their paid search, “student storage” is their best performing keyword, converting at an incredible 64.29%.

storage center case study keyword data

They outline their value offering for students with clarity:

storage center marketing case study

For their first 180 days, their growth is strong.  Much of their traffic comes from people searching for their brand or direct to their site, meaning a lot of people are hearing about them.

storage center marketing data

Having a competitive edge is the key to winning market share.  Many businesses could learn from the sharp and precise edge Doorage developed.