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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Real Estate Lands Conversions With Niche Marketing

Texas Acres is a real estate company that sells land through owner financing.  The way they convert high-value leads is a great example of how having the right niche leads to marketing success.

If ever there was a losing marketing strategy in the digital age, it’s the idea that you’d sell anything possible to anyone interested.

Yet there are real estate brokers who try this very thing.  They work any listing and grab any showing within driving range.  As is always the case with this strategy, it’s a race to the bottom.  The only way to win is to be the cheapest.

It’s more effective to sell in a niche.  To have a particular location, type of property, or lifestyle target that makes you the go-to choice.

That’s how Texas Acres, a Marketing 360® real estate client, developed their strategy.

They specialize in owner financed rural properties in East Texas.  This specialization breaks things down enough that they can optimize web pages for individual properties.  Their properties are all undeveloped tracts of land – from small tracts to larger ranches – bought for various uses including recreation, hunting, investment, or building a home.

With the help of our NLA® team doing SEO work, this translates into a bevy of page one rankings for high-value keywords.  These are their top 10 in terms of driving traffic:

real estate case study seo

These free clicks translate into 41.3% of their conversions (last 180 days)

real estate case study conversion data

In addition, their website is built around a conversion strategy that understands how online consumers operate.

The homepage above the fold is a perfect example of how to use varied call to actions to engage visitors.

real estate conversion homepage design

This funnels people towards viewing the properties, provides a link to financing info, and has the phone number always visible in the header.

Realizing that many visitors are not ready to commit to a serious look at a property, they have a newsletter sign-up so they can use email marketing to update people as new properties become available.

In this same light, they also use retargeting ads to remind people of their property search, even breaking down the ads to specific areas:

real estate retargeting ad

That’s what we call targeted advertising.

If you run a steak restaurant, you don’t try to convince vegans to eat there.

Texas Acres knows what they’re selling and they know who wants it.  With that targeted niche, the marketing falls into place.