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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Dental Practice Masters the Three Main Local Marketing Channels

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Local Advertising

For a local service business generating leads online, there are three main digital marketing channels.  This dental practice shows how they come together to deliver strong conversion results.

There are a lot of ways a dentist office serving a mid-sized city can generate patient leads.  From the sign above the door to a chat among neighbors, people find out about a business in all sorts of ways.

But from the perspective of digital marketing, there are three things that must be working to indicate a healthy overall marketing effort.  These are organic search results (NLA®), paid advertising (TPA®) and brand channels (direct website traffic and social media referrals).

This is the local marketing trifecta.  Along with a website designed to convert, these channels all working is a certain sign your online marketing is getting the job done.

The Data

In a nutshell, here’s what you want the data looking like:

dental marketing case study data

  • 39.6% NLA® organic conversions
  • 30.9% TPA® paid per click advertising conversions
  • 29.5% Brand channel conversions

Talk about an even attack.  The three biggest local conversion channels all working equally well.

Here are the 90-day conversion numbers:

dental marketing data

This business has just dabbled in social targeting ads where they could expand their reach.  However, a healthy 9.97% conversion rate topped out by 15.41% on paid search is a super solid overall effort.

Still, all of this is just getting traffic to the website.  From there, the content must turn traffic into leads.

The Design

We designed a conversion focused website for this dental practice on the UXI® platform.  Here’s their homepage above the fold:

dental marketing case study website

This content does a number of important things that lead to higher conversion rates:

  1. The location and phone number are highly visible on the top center of the page.  This is a click to call on mobile phones.
  2. There are two calls to action, one for contact and one to schedule a free consultation.  Visitors know exactly what to do.
  3. There are quick links and useful content to help orient visitors so they can quickly navigate to those parts of the site.

As you scroll down, there is a personalized introduction from the doctor with a photo, review content, and an introduction to one of their main services, which is Invisalign braces.

Because patient reviews are such a huge factor in winning the trust of potential clients, they have a review page with some of their Google reviews and links to Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

This site is doing very well, and probably could be doing even better.  They’d do well to use Top Rated Local® instead of Yelp, where they have several dubious 1-star reviews (Yelp always seems to be the place where people’s tirades show up).

Also, they could use a video that does a good job of communicating their main value offerings.  They have a video on their about page, but it’s an odd “tour” of the practice that starts in the parking lot, proceeds to the elevator, then the front door, cuts to some images of the Doctor with his family…nice in a way but not very persuasive.

They’ll also want to see what they can do with social media, in particular Facebook, where they could start to generate leads directly through Facebook Lead Ads and Facebook messenger.

But when it comes to the pillars, this practice is getting it done.  That puts them in position to move from strong market position to dominate market share.