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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Catering Company Develops UVP

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Local Advertising

This catering and food delivery service gets a huge flow of conversions and high revenues from their unique value proposition (UVP).

Marketing 360® markets for a successful catering service that doesn’t cook.  They don’t even have a kitchen.  They have delivery trucks.  They set-up with disposable plates, utensils and serving pans.

They offer hundreds of menu items.  How do they do this without a kitchen?

They partner up.  Though relationships with local restaurants, they’re able to offer the largest catering menu in their market.  And the restaurants love it because they just do the cooking – the set up and event services is left to the catering company.

This is a sensible idea that provides a lot of value to diners and restaurants in the area.  It also translates into one of the most effective elements in marketing:  the unique value proposition.

They answer the vital questions:

What’s the specific value they offer?

Their name and tagline sum this up nicely.  They connect restaurants with diners and catering events:

catering logo


How do they solve their customers need?

They make it possible to have almost any type of food catered for an event.  With all the local restaurant selections, the menu is almost unlimited.

How do they beat the competition? 

Their huge selection means customers can choose the food and budget that’s a fit for their event.  They’re not limited to one kitchen or one menu.

With this strong value offer and high visibility, this brand is now well known in their area.  In fact, the overwhelming amount of search traffic they get is on their brand name:

It took a lot of marketing work to get to this point, which included several years of running ad campaigns on varied catering and food delivery keywords.

Still, that work is always more effective when it’s built on the foundation of a strong value proposition.

Today, conversions (and business) are booming:

catering marketing case study overview data

That’s what we call delivering value.

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