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Case Study: A Plumber Website Converts the Easy Way

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Local Advertising

In digital media, it’s all too simple –  to make things complicated.  The tools of design and marketing make creating content and tacking on tactics too easy.  Campaigns become a kind of whirling dervish, filled with effort and good intention but confused and directionless.

That’s why it’s so nice to see a website and campaign that is sound, simple, and effective.  The homepage does nothing fancy.  It just explains what the business does, where they do it, and why you should care.

Its simplicity builds trust.  They’re straightforward about what people say about them, their experience, and their accreditations.

This is a contractor website that converts:

plumbing home page example As you scroll down, they hit you with the one other essential.  Trust.

plumber case study trust

That’s it.  No weird images that catch your eye – but divert your attention.  No funky slogans that make you smirk – but don’t convey any information.  No confusing navigation focused on being unique – instead of taking where you want to go.

This site works.  Here are their conversion rates over the last 60 days:

plumber case study

They are also careful to make sure there is message match between their top performing ads and the homepage content:

plumber marketing case study ad
17.76% Conversion Rate


plumber marketing ad case study
18.10% Conversion Rate


A total site conversion rate of 14.60%.  That’s simply outstanding.

This homepage has four calls-to-action, two places for testimonials/customer reviews, and two places with awards and certifications.  You have all the detail you need about their services to determine if they’re right for you.

The only thing they need to work on is getting social media (no easy feat for plumbers or contractors).   But even first efforts there made nice strides, including 55 Instagram followers in the first month.

plumber instagram stats



You’ll feel it.  The lure of digital technology, quick design, free stock photos, easy to edit content, all kinds of colors, emojis, cat memes…resist the itch to overdue your content (well, those last two work for SMM).

For your homepage and service landing pages, keep it simple.  People enjoy web pages that are straightforward and help them complete their task quickly.

In this case, that task is to hire a plumber, HVAC or electrician.  That’s a simple result – and all you want.