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Auto Glass Marketing Ideas, Tips & Strategies – This is How to do Marketing for an Auto Glass Company Online

Post By Scott Yoder | Local Advertising

Need to generate more leads for your auto glass business?  Here are 8 ideas, tips, and tricks that will help you use the internet to connect with leads and close more deals.

When it comes to auto glass repair, people understand why they need the service.  You’re going down the interstate and a semi fires a piece of debris you’re way.  You hear that dreaded pop sound, and you know your window is cracked.

Maybe it can be repaired, or maybe it must be replaced.  But something must be done.

This person is an auto glass repair lead.  Now you have to capture them and win the business.  You have to prove you’re a better choice than Safelite.  Here’s how to get it done.


Auto Glass Marketing Tip #1:  Develop a Strong Conversion Based Website

You may not be a big national chain like Safelite, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a website that’s as sharp an effective as theirs.

Too many local auto glass repair business have outdated websites that aren’t mobile responsive.  This is unacceptable.  Today you can get a professionally designed template for a minimul cost (we offer free website designs for our marketing clients).  Here’s an example from our UXI® templates:

auto glass marketing website design template

Your website must be mobile responsive; if people can’t navigate on their phones you’re toast.  Make sure your contact information and services areas are prominent – don’t make people guess if you service their area.

Also, have a strong call to action that motivates people to contact you.  Most auto glass websites just invite people to get an estimate.  Be more enticing than your competition by making a special offer or discount for first-time customers.  Give people a clear reason to choose you, such as you’ll save them some money.


Auto Glass Business Marketing Tip #2:  Develop a Unique Value Proposition

Related to your website call to action is your unique value proposition, which states how you’re better than your competition and how you solve a specific problem for your customers.

An increasingly common auto glass UVP is mobile service.  This is a strong value offering that solves a problem customers have but today it’s not unique enough to be much of a competitive advantage.  Likewise, just offering a free estimate gives you no competitive advantage.

One way to generate leads is to go for the price win:

auto glass repair marketing uvp


Offering same day/emergency service will attract some leads.  Other people look for the best warranty.

Another idea is to emphasize that you’re local and family owned.  Stress your community connections.  Some leads want to give their business to locally owned operations instead of the big chains.

Whatever it is, discover something about your service that you do better and articulate it through your marketing.  Be clear about why you’re the best choice.


Auto Glass Marketing Idea #3:  Get More Reviews

Customer reviews are vital content for auto glass repair.  Even with a strong value proposition, many leads will perceive most auto glass repair services as the same.

The difference maker becomes your online reputation.  If you have positive reviews over multiple platforms, it will engender trust in leads.  If you’ve got some one-star clunkers floating around, you’ll lose leads.

The best way to earn a strong reputation is to earn it.  Keep your promises.  Give fast, fair estimates.  Show up on time.  Stand behind your work.  If you do, reviews will largely take care of themselves.  Kindly ask people to give you a review when you complete a job.

If you need to build out your profile on certain platforms, use an email follow-up with this type of template:

reputation management email template

If they click on Good, it links to the review profile you choose.  Not Good opens a feedback form so they can describe the issue.

We also advise that you use Top Rated Local, where all your reviews are aggregated.  You can use a widget on your website to link to your profile page:

top rated local badge

In addition to all this, put testimonials on your website.  You say you’re the best, but leads are more persuaded when real clients say that about you.

Reviews are huge with today’s consumers.  Learn more about how to get more positive reviews for your business.


Auto Glass Marketing Idea #5:  Get on Page One of Google

There once was an advertising service printed on yellow paper and left at people’s doorsteps.  Now its main job is being used as a doorstop.

Today when people want to look up a service like auto glass repair, they do it on Google.  It’s a major advantage to have your business appear at the top of search results.

You do this in three ways.

The first is to use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.  You use the auction system (Google Adwords) to bid on keywords and gain placement at the top of the page.  The top four results on any search page are all PPC.

The second is the Google My Business listing.  This is a free listing that ties into local search and Google Maps.  It’s important to optimize your description and service listing with the keywords, particularly for the areas you service.  As an auto glass repair service, this listing will largely tie into your physical location and service area.

The third is the organic listing of your website.  This is driven by your search engine optimization (SEO) work.  Optimize your site for target keywords, get some backlinks into your site, and blog on a regular basis to get high rankings.

If you do this right, you can actually appear in three places on page one results:

Pro Tip:  Retargeting Ads

Online consumers tend to hesitate.  Ya, they know that crack in the windshield will grow.  But it can keep for a while.

You can keep after these leads with retargeting ads, which are ads that display to leads after they’ve visited your website.  They can target people on the web or on social media.

The best retargeting ads have strong branding and a short, enticing call to action that gets people to click back through to your website.  They’re effective at capturing leads that otherwise might have forgotten about you.

Learn more about retargeting ad design.


Auto Glass Marketing Idea #6:  Create a Facebook Business Page

At first, you might not think social media marketing would be useful for auto glass repair, and it’s largely true that you’re not going to be able to brand as a fashion company would.

But it’s worth it to have a Facebook business page so you can capture reviews and generate leads with estimate request forms or direct messaging.

The fact is that the majority of online consumers are on Facebook, and many check business pages when looking for services.  Also, it’s free and fairly easy to set up, so there’s little reason not to use it.


Auto Glass Marketing Idea #7:  Partner Up

Fellow auto service businesses are perfect for setting up referral relationships.  Mechanics, detailers, and auto body work shops can refer your work while you do the same for them.

Do some networking and meet some people.  These can just be friendly relationships, or you might have a more formal partnership with something like an auto body shop or detailer.


Auto Glass Marketing Idea #8:  Hire the Right Marketing Help

Most people who run auto glass repair businesses are not professional marketers.  They need to outsource this work.

And most of these businesses are not large enough to hire someone in-house to do their marketing.

It’s for these reasons that Marketing 360® is such a perfect fit for these businesses.  We offer affordable yet robust marketing and design services that let you get a high return from your marketing investment.

And our marketing software is simple and intuitive to use so you always have a clear picture of how your marketing is working across all internet channels.

This is the most affordable, effective marketing service for small businesses available.  Learn more and speak with a marketing consultant to see how we can help your business generate leads and grow for years to come.