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Marketing 360® Blog

Accounting Marketing Case Study: How to Turn Pain Into Business

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Local Advertising

When your potential clients are experiencing an active pain, they’ll be motivated to work with you.  This Marketing 360® bookkeeping client connects to prospective clients’ pain points – and turns them into high conversion rates.

It’s a fact that an active pain point – as well as a fear of future ones arising – is a powerful motivator.  The earliest marketing studies and advertising data showed that consumers are more motivated to avoid pain than gain pleasure.

When your value proposition outlines how you get people out of a fix, you’ve triggered a powerful, emotional selling trigger.

When a Marketing 360® bookkeeping service started their marketing campaign, the main thing they told us about their clients is how frustrating – and scary – they found dealing with financials to be.  These people needed a bookkeeper to save them from the abyss.

This made for a very solid message to build their value proposition.

Here is their main homepage content:

accountant marketing homepage design


  • The first headline hits on the pain point, Behind on Your Books?
  • They employ the strong verb “rescue” in the sub-header and call to action.
  • The hero image is of a confused business person, distraught over the condition of her books.

Any business owner struggling with bookkeeping will immediately relate to this content.

They double-down by making sure their strong call to action is on every page by using a side bar contact form:

accounting firm call to action form

Does this work?  We’d say an overall conversion rate of 7.22% driven by 9.91% on organic channels makes that a resounding yes!

accountant marketing case study conversion data

You have to be careful when using pain points or fear of loss as a conversion tactic.  If you generate too much concern, it can cause people to overthink and hesitate, which isn’t good for conversions.

Likewise, the worst executions of this tactic are too transparent; consumers can see you’re trying to scare them into action.

But when it’s done with balanced language that ties into a real pain point prospects are experiencing, it’s a powerful way to motivate action.

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