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9 Essential Law Firm Marketing Ideas, Concepts & Online Strategies

Post By Scott Yoder | Local Advertising

Law firm marketing is more competitive than ever, and filled with the challenges of managing multichannel, digital marketing.  Here are 9 lawyer marketing tips, ideas, and strategies that will boost your visibility and get leads ready to hire an attorney contacting you.

Law Firm Marketing Tip #1:  Design a Trustworthy, Professional, Mobile Friendly Website

For a law firm, the center point of your marketing is your website.  It’s the destination your campaigns are driving potential clients to.  Also, most referrals will check your website before contacting you.

When it comes to website design, focus on ease of use, professional image, and clarity.  The most effective designs are clean and modern.  They make it easy to find information.  And, most importantly, they communicate the value your attorneys deliver clients.

Here is an example law firm website template from our UXI® designs:

law firm website template

Of course, today, your template must be mobile responsive.  Test your site to make sure it’s easy to navigate and fill out contact forms via a phone.

You can expect that your website will be the first impression your firm makes on most new clients.  Make sure it meets your standards.

Pro Tip:  Use Chat

Chat features have several advantages for law firm websites.

First is that they improve response time.  Busy firms often find that getting back to prospective clients gets pushed down the list, but these leads age like mayonnaise in the sun.  Chat provides initial, on-demand interaction with your firm and buys you time to get back to the most qualified leads personally.

Second, chat offers people an anonymous method of making initial contact with a firm.  People who just got a DUI or are in a failing marriage often feel shame or embarrassment, so they like to use chat to get some initial questions answered without having to provide contact information.

Chat offers proactive lead generation where the chat operator can ask open-ended questions that move people towards scheduling a consultation.

Law Firm Marketing Tip #2:  Develop Your Value Proposition

The biggest problem most law firm websites and marketing content have is that they are too vague.  They fail to clarify the specific benefits of their services, how they make client’s lives easier, or why they are a better choice than the competition.

It’s better to highlight your areas of legal expertise than it is to appear as a generalist.  People are far more likely to hire an attorney who is experienced at handling their specific legal issue.

Do a search for lawyers in your area, and probably half the sites will emphasize that  “we care about our clients” and that “our clients are our priority”.

These feeble bromides won’t motivate someone on the fence about hiring a lawyer to act.

Instead, you need to hit them with a crisp value proposition that’s specific about what you do and how you solve their legal problem.  A statement that distinguishes you from your competition so a lead has a clear reason to choose your firm.

For example:

law firm landing page

This firm is specific about being disability attorneys.  They distinguish themselves from other firms by noting how their experience will help you get better benefits.  They offer two easy ways to get specific information on your case.

To develop your value proposition, answer the unspoken questions on every client’s mind:

  • What do you do?  Can you help me?
  • What’s in this for me?  Why are you worth it?
  • Why should I choose you instead of another law firm or method of solving my legal problem?

One of the biggest competitive advantages in marketing is clearly communicating your value.  Work on getting a tight statement and supporting content that you center in your marketing.

Law Firm Marketing Tip #3:  Rank On Page One of Search

One of your main goals must be to appear on page one of search when people look for lawyers in your area.  Searches like this generally indicate strong intent to get legal help, so the traffic is valuable.

There are three ways you can show up on the search result page.  The first is pay per click advertising or PPC.  This is where you bid on auction systems like Google Adwords to appear in top positions on the page.   Your budget and placement will depend on your competition.  PPC ads give the most control over ranking, ad content, and landing page.

The second is connected to your Google My Business account.  You create this through Google to get location-based search results (it is also Google Maps).  Optimize for keywords and photos/business details, and get client reviews to increase your ranking.  This is a free listing/clicks.

Last is your organic listing, related to your website SEO.  This is the direct listing of your homepage domain, also free ranking/clicks.  Optimize your website content for legal keywords, add fresh content to your blog, earn links, and get social media traffic to your website to increase your ranking.

Over time, you have the chance to be in all three spots on the search result page:

Pro Tip:  Create Custom Landing Pages

Your law firm may handle many types of cases.  You can create the impression of specialization by creating a custom landing page for each area of law you work in.

For example, say you have an attorney who specializes in trucking accidents.  Run ads specific to those keywords, then have the ads go to a page designed to match the legal service:

law firm landing page

This gives you a specific value proposition for this legal service.  Add content to the page and you can rank for it organically as well.

Law Firm Marketing Tip #4:  Build a Positive Online Reputation

What you say about your legal services through your value proposition is important.  It’s the most persuasive content you’ll develop.

However, it’s arguable that this is not your most persuasive content overall.

Today, online reviews written by your clients about their experience with you are probably the most influential content for new prospects.  They seek reviews, expect to find them, and trust them.

Just a look at the search results page we showed above shows the immediate role reviews play.  For one, the top organic spots are held by law review sites like Find Law, Avvo, and also Yelp.  The content on these sites is all driven by reviews.

And when you view Google Places, review star ratings are highly visible:

law firm google places

Consumers today like to verify the reliability, service, and effectiveness of businesses they deal with.  This means you need to start gaining reviews from your best clients to improve your online profile.

Two main things come into play here.  The first and most important is your legal service itself.  Every time you exceed a client’s expectations, you boost your reputation (and marketing).  Every time you cut corners or disappoint, you hurt your reputation.

Second is what we call reputation management.  This is where you take an active role in getting your best clients to leave you reviews while keeping any negative reviews from being predominant on your profile.

This starts with encouraging happy clients to write you reviews.  Kindly ask for a review.  Follow up with an email request, providing links to sites where you need more reviews.  Don’t be pushy, but make sure clients know you’d appreciate it.

Then, monitor what’s said about you online.  Make sure to challenge anything that’s false or slanderous.  Respond to constructive criticism with thanks and a pledge to fix the problem.

Make efforts to get reviews working for you.  Both a poor profile or no profile will hurt your marketing.

Law Firm Marketing Tip #5:  Use Video and Visuals

Online consumers tend to glaze over large amounts of text, especially with complex legal topics.

Use videos and visual content to help get your point across.

For example, an introductory video can convey your value proposition effectively:

Likewise, an infographic will keep your audience engaged:

law firm marketing infographic This content always carries over well to social media.

Law Firm Marketing Tip #6:  Market Your Expertise

Legal issues are confusing to the general public.  We don’t get it, so we hire lawyers.

But few people today go into serious situations without getting some background.  It’s so easy to research things online today that people can brush up on even complex topics.

You can use that research process to your marketing advantage.  Create blogs, publish on Medium and LinkedIn, and connect with local associations to help educate people on current legal issues.

Share your insight and expertise.  Don’t turn it into an ad, don’t expect anything in return.  Just create content to help people.

In doing so, you can expose your brand and build your reputation.  People will get to know and trust you.

And you do get something in return.  Google loves useful content like articles or videos and ranks it on search and YouTube.  As people do searches on legal issues, you can rank and get your name in front of them.

Many prospective clients will check your blog when they visit your site, just to get a feel for how your expertise aligns with their needs.  Keep your blog up to date with useful, specific content.

Trust is a big factor with attorneys, and people who are willing to educate their clients to help them better navigate their situation earn trust.  Be the go-to person and it will pay off with your marketing.

Law Firm Marketing Tip #7:  Tap Into Social Media

Social Media is now such a dominant player in the online world that no business can ignore it.

Start by creating a Facebook business page for your law firm and use it as a way to update people on what’s happening with your firm.  Share your blog posts, videos, and other informational material.  Also, curate content from around the web on legal issues that you think will be of interest to your audience.

You can also use Facebook’s powerful targeting tools to run ads to your target demographic.  This will probably remain more brand advertising than direct response, although you can try retargeting with Facebook Lead Ads.

With Facebook Ads, be aware of the personal attributes policy.  If you imply that a person has a legal problem, the ad will likely be disapproved.  Also, you can’t ask about anyone’s criminal history on a Lead Ad.

Also, be active and responsive on Facebook messenger.  More and more people are using messenger instead of calling businesses, so this can be a good place to make initial contact with leads.

Next, have your attorneys create their own LinkedIn profiles.  For professional services networking, LinkedIn is the best social media platform.  You can also create a business profile for your firm, but you’ll gain more quality connections as individuals.  Like Facebook, post relevant, useful legal content.  Also, each attorney can publish articles via their page.

As a law firm, don’t expect social media to be your biggest marketing channel.  You are at a disadvantage over other types of businesses because people don’t want to share things about their legal problems online.  But you want to be there, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to add content and interact with your audience.

Law Firm Marketing Tip #8:  Have a Strong Intake Process

There is nothing worse than going through all these steps to get leads to contact you, only to lose them because of a poor intake process.

Online consumers are impatient.  You don’t have days to respond to website forms or voicemails.  You need to get back to people fast.  Assume that people are comparing multiple firms and make it your goal to get back to people first (the first to get back most often wins the business).

Make sure your people have polite, professional phone skills.  Be open about providing information and options in your consultations.  Have a polite but consistent follow-up process for people who are on the fence.

Make it easy for people to work with you.  Consider conveniences like online forms, legal document generators, e-signature functionality, and online payments.

Law Firm Marketing Tip #9:  Put Software to Work

By now, you’re probably thinking all this sounds like a lot of work as well a complicated headache you don’t need.

Indeed, online marketing does get involved and time consuming.  It’s also hard to track with respect to ROI because of all the channels.

Solving this problem for business like law firms is the purpose behind Marketing 360®.  Our marketing software, CRM, and email marketing platform allow you to put all your marketing, advertising, design, client contacts, budgeting, and overall strategy into one platform.  Even better, this is led by a marketing executive that makes sure all this technology is making connections with the right people.

Contact us today to get a free demo of how our marketing software works and to get a free website mockup for your firm.  You can also get a software overview here.

Here are more lawyer marketing tips.  Good luck!