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Marketing 360® Blog

You’re Too Busy for Marketing Busywork

You run your own small business or you’re involved in a new startup venture.

Let’s make an assumption: You don’t need to create the perception you’re busy.

You are busy. Extremely.

So here’s an important tip you must apply to your marketing efforts: Avoid busywork.

Busywork keeps people busy but provides little real value. It can plague large organizations and bureaucracies. People want to look busy and enhance how they’re perceived, so they create goals and execute tasks with no value-add.

It sounds obvious that you should avoid busywork if you’re a busy small business owner, but be careful. Marketing is one of those activities where busywork creeps in. It’s easy to find yourself overthinking it, working towards valueless goals and chasing irrelevant stats.

Or you’ll do work that only has subjective value. You think it’s cool, but it has no connection to influencing customers.

Here are some tips that will help you recognize and avoid marketing work that’s doing nothing other than making you (too) busy.

  • Don’t focus on data unless you can connect it to a beneficial outcome.
  • Don’t use brand collateral when your goals are conversion-based (and vice versa).
  • Focus less on yourself and (much) more on understanding the people you’re selling to.
  • Come into marketing meetings with a clear agenda. Eliminate meetings that are a general “update.”
  • When you plan campaigns, set clear time benchmarks.
  • Beware of marketers who are too interested in proving their worth (they tend to focus on irrelevant metrics).
  • Avoid bored designers who are more interested in making something “creative” than what’s needed to motivate your audience.
  • Don’t design collateral unless you have a message behind it.
  • Don’t start marketing campaigns unless you’re fully prepared to see them through.
  • Learn what channels work for you and which ones don’t. Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Marketing is challenging work. So get busy.