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The Best Way to Outsource Marketing Activities: The Dedicated Marketing Executive

Small businesses that want to outsource their marketing activities often find themselves juggling resources and shifting between agencies.  This causes them to waste time when their goal is to save it.  Marketing 360® has the best solution.  The dedicated marketing executive.

Every small business grappling with the complexities of digital marketing today wishes they could just hire an in-house marketing executive.  This person could develop a clear marketing strategy, set attainable goals, and execute all the necessary tactics.  They’d provide data on what’s working so the ROI of their efforts would be clear.

But for most SMBs, having an in-house marketing executive is an impossibility.  They can’t recruit the talent, and even if they could, they couldn’t afford them.

This means small businesses – often in desperate need of a cohesive resource – must work with multiple vendors to try to execute their marketing tactics.  The effort is often self-defeating because they spend as much time juggling resources as they would doing the work themselves.

Sometimes business owners seek a software solution they hope will automate their marketing.  But they discover that while software is a wonderful tool, it’s not a substitute for professional, human execution.  They still need an experienced marketer to properly use the software and derive its full benefits.

This is why the marketing executive is the backbone of the Marketing 360® solution.

JB outlines why you need one:

Reason #1:  Your Marketing Executive Saves You Time

As a business person, you’re not oblivious about how to market your offer.  If you had the time, you could do a lot on your own.

But that’s precisely the problem.  You don’t even remotely have the time.  And it’s not just executing the marketing for your business, it’s keeping up with the constant changes in technology and consumer behavior that affect how you market.

Marketing your business is another full-time job.

For most business owners, doing digital marketing for themselves is simply out of reach.  You’re probably already working way over 40 hours a week…

You know your business.  Let your marketing executive keep up with the trends and do the day-in-day-out marketing activities on your behalf.  It’s worth it just for the time you save.


Reason #2:  Your Marketing Executive Saves You Money

We’ve already discussed the necessity that motivates businesses to outsource their marketing activities.  Most can’t afford a dedicated in-house staff member.  Or, they may have one person in-house wearing the marketing hat, but that person needs additional support.

The Marketing 360® solution is scaled so small businesses can access professional marketing talent at a fraction of the cost of hiring.  It’s just a sensible way to invest in marketing.

But there is another factor that saves you money.  An adept marketing exec is always looking to eliminate ineffective tactics and streamline what’s working.  Their job is to stay ahead of trends to position you advantageously as new marketing opportunities open up.  They lower your lead gen and acquisition costs.

In short, the best marketers pay for themselves by making your marketing as effective as possible with the least wasted effort.  When your exec can explain – and demonstrate with data – how they’re lowering your marketing expenditures, you’ll know you’re working with a pro.


Reason #3:  A Marketing Executive at Your Fingertips

This reason is exclusive to the Marketing 360® solution (and it’s one of the best deals in outsourced marketing).

You can work and consult with your marketing executive as much as you need to.  Phone, email, text, meet at our office.  We don’t bill by the hour.

As part of our basic marketing plan, you have total access to your ME.

This is particularly vital early in the relationship as you plan strategy and learn more about how to market your business.  You want your questions answered and problems dealt with.  You don’t want to be nickel and dimed every time you have a question or concern.

Read our Marketing 360 reviews, and you’ll see the comments have a common theme.  Out of all our services, our clients most appreciate the dedication and communication skills of their marketing execs.


Reason #4:  Marketing Executives are Trained and Certified

Are you certified in Google Adwords and Analytics?  Do you understand what search engineers are trying to achieve when they program search algorithms?  Do you know how to get your videos in front of people on YouTube?

Are you up on the latest Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest advertising tactics?  Do you have a plan for expanding your audience on social media?

Do you know how to design banners and ads?  Do you understand the fundamentals of conversion-based website design?

Of course you don’t.  You know how to run your business and deal with your customers.

But your marketing exec and team of specialists at Marketing 360® know all this.  Enough said.


Reason #5:  Marketing Executive + Team of Experts = A Boat Load of Talent

Okay, let’s admit something.  Nobody out there – not even the most experienced, trained marketers – can do everything involved with digital marketing.

Today, the scope of digital marketing is too vast for any one person to hope to know it all.  You’d have to be a modern-day Leonardo Da Vinci to cover all the technical, design, and communication requirements.

And even if one person – at a given moment – managed to handle everything, the next day something new would come out she’d have to learn.

Digital marketing is dynamic in the extreme.  It takes a team to understand and execute everything.

That’s why your marketing executive is backed up at Marketing 360® by a team of writers, designers, video pros and developers.  All in-house, working side-by-side.

So we haven’t been accurate here.  You don’t just get a marketing executive to outsource your marketing activities to.  You get a whole marketing team.

Here’s some of our marketing execs talking about what it takes to do this job:

You don’t just want a way to outsource your marketing activities, you want the best way.

You’ve found it.

Marketing 360®.