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Marketing 360® Blog

Use This Email Marketing Strategy to Generate Monthly Sales

Post By Scott Yoder | Email & SMS Marketing

Want an automated email marketing strategy that generates additional sales every single month? Try this holiday promo strategy! It’s 5 easy steps, let’s break it down.

Step 1: Pick Your Holidays.

The idea here is to anchor your promotion on a holiday that will get people’s attention. This may be a major promotion for you (if you sell Halloween masks, Halloween will be your big one, for example) but there doesn’t have to be a connection to your offer. The idea is simply to use the holiday to theme your email promotion.

Choose from:

  • Jan – New Years / Martin Luther King Day
  • Feb – Valentines Day / President’s Day
  • Mar – St. Patrick’s Day / Mardi Gras
  • Apr – Easter / April Fools
  • May – Mother’s Day / Memorial Day
  • Jun – Father’s Day
  • Jul – Independence Day
  • Aug – Back to School
  • Sep – Labor Day
  • Oct – Halloween
  • Nov – Veteran’s Day / Black Friday / Thanksgiving / Cyber Monday
  • Dec – Christmas

Here’s an example:

Step 2: Plan the Promotion

Next, you’ll need to think of what type of promotion you want to offer for the given holiday. Think about the inventory you want to move and what’s most likely to sell during that holiday. Calculate your discounts and make sure all coupon codes are active during the promotion.

Step 3: Create Email Templates

It works best if you plan and create the templates for your holiday promotions well in advance so you’re ready during the time-frame of the holiday. Keep in mind you may need to send the email out several weeks in advance of the day itself.

Some businesses plan and create all their templates in one project at the beginning of the year so they have everything ready. If you don’t have all your promotions set, make sure you schedule the work far enough in advance.

Step 4: Remind Your Team

To make sure everyone is ready for these holiday promotion, set calendar updates indicating when the promotions are going out and when the deals will be available.

This is also the time to test run your email to makes sure there are no glitches. Also, check your email lists and make sure everything is synched up so delivery is flawless.

You can automate much of the delivery if your email is linked up with your CRM. Learn more about the Marketing 360® CRM software if you’re not using this technology.

Step 5: Review Data and Improve

Seasonal email marketing campaigns are really nice because after you get things dialed in, the results tend to be predictable.

We work with clients that know every time they send out a particular campaign, they get a certain percentage increase in their sales. After a few cycles, it’s like clockwork.

Be sure to review the data on your campaigns, checking your open rates, unsubscribe rates, and click-through rates. Tweak your wording and offer if results are not meeting projections.

With a solid email list and well planned promotions, you’ll find holiday email marketing is a consistent way to boost sales and create a valuable touch point with your customers.