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An Example of Email Automation in Action

| Email & SMS Marketing

What is Email Automation?

If you sign up for emails from a business, no person sends them to you.  But wait, Carol, Jim, and Sandy put their names in those emails, and they’re addressed directly to me.  And they’re so personalized, they seem to come at just the right times with new info I’m interested in.

The personalized effect of emails is totally intentional.  They’re meant to seem like personalized, one-to-one messages.  The content (when done correctly) feels like it fits right in with the next step in your decision-making process.

But of course Carol and Jim aren’t spending their weeks sending out thousands of individual emails.  They use email marketing automation software to create lists.

The automation software does several things.  First, it manages the lists.  For example, when an email is added to a list, it automatically gets a progressive email series on a set schedule.  If the status of the lead changes, they are removed from this journey.  This means once the email is on a list, Carol doesn’t have to do anything unless the status of the recipient changes.

It also means you can create lists with corresponding emails based on the recipient’s needs.  For example, you’d want to serve different content up for existing clients than new leads.  You can stratify lists based on what content works best for your audience.

Last but not least, email automation software means tracking and reports.  One of the advantages of email marketing is its limited time scope.  When you send out a blast, you can get relevant data on results in days – even hours.  Elements such as word choice in the subject line, headlines in the email body, offer, and imagery can all be effectively tested with email (and applied to other areas of your marketing).

Here is a review of how the Marketing 360® email software works, which will give you a sense of the varied data metrics you can track with this software.

People still check their email every day.  When they give you permission to send them emails, they’re sending strong buying intent signals.  When you dial in your content to fit into their buying journey, you achieve something very special in marketing:  promotional material your audience appreciates.

Here is an example of how this journey looks.

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