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Marketing 360® Blog

Landing Pages That Convert – 10 Optimization Hacks

Post By JB Kellogg | eCommerce Marketing

Need to develop landing pages with stellar conversion rates? Here are 10 hacks that will improve your conversion rates.

Landing Page Hack #1:  Create an Authentic Human Element 

One trick that’s really effective with a lot of digital content today (including social media posts) is to add authentic images of people into the content. 

We are naturally drawn to human faces.  A smiling, inviting visage is irresistable.  For example:

face hero shot website desing

Make your images as authentic as possible, even if they’re stock photos.  In the social media era we live in, people respond better to images that seem real, even if they’re not perfect.  Overly glossy, staged stock photos can detract from your landing page. 

The first thing a landing page must do is capture the visitor’s attention.  In an instant, the image of a face will achieve this goal. 

Landing Page Hack #2: Make Your Image Relevant 

Many businesses don’t know what to do with their landing page images, so they choose an image that looks nice.  You end up with landing pages that look more like bank calendars. 

Make sure your images convey information about your product or service.  In the example above, you know they sell mattresses.  The best practice is to use a hero shot, which shows your product in context of use. 

If people immediately understand the benefit they’ll gain from your offer just by looking at your landing page image, you’ve done it right. 

Landing Page Hack #3:  Showcase Your Reputation 

Today, some of the most convincing content you can include is testimonials and reviews from happy customers.  Highlight this on your landing page. 

For example, this business has a strong testimonial adjacent to their call to action:

website testimonial

Use trust badges and review links on your landing page.  The reassurance that you have a strong reputation will motivate many leads to convert. 

Landing Page Hack #4:  Keep Your Forms Short & Visible

Your landing page is designed to capture leads, and it’s likely the way you’ll do that is to have a contact form. 

Keep this form as short as possible, and make sure it remains visible on your landing page.  Collect only information critical to qualifying the lead.  Make sure your form is easy to complete on a mobile device. 

Long contact forms kill lead-generation.  Be judicious about the info you need to collect to capture the lead. 

Landing Page Hack #5:  Have a Strong Call to Action 

Your call to action is the action you want people to take when they visit your website. It’s the focal point of your content.

Create a compelling call to action that’s highlighted above the fold on your landing page. Also, make sure it’s visible throughout the page (like in the sidebar) if you’re using long-form content.

Test your call to action to develop the most effective content. If it’s not working, your landing page won’t convert.

Learn more about creating compelling calls to action.

Landing Page Hack #6: Videos

Videos convey your message in a fast, visually appealing way. With a short video, you can get your entire message accross, often without words. Here’s a recent example we did for Mei Li bags:

Landing Page Hack #7: Retargeting

Retargeting is a vital tactic for most digital marketing today. It allows you to scale your campaigns and push new content out to people who’ve already interacted with your brand.

Be sure to build a retargeting list off your landing page to continue to market to people who don’t convert on their first visit (also, create a list to exclude those who do convert).

Many people won’t convert on an initial visit, but that doesn’t mean the traffic was bad. Stay in front of these people and your ROAS will increase.

Landing Page Hack #8: Message Match

It’s important that the ad you create and page people click match. If you have an ad for 20% off, the first thing visitors should see on your landing is how to get that 20% offer.

A big mistake many novice advertisiers make is to take people to their website homepage when running ads. If your homepage just has your general message and branding, this will result in low conversion rates.

When you create a campaign, develop the ads and the landing page content together. Create a specific landing page for each ad set you create so there is always message match.

Landing Page Hack #9: Competitor Evaluation

It’s always a good idea to check ads across the web to see what your competition is offering. Note how they set up their campaigns and landing pages to discover their strengths and weaknesses.

Then do a simple evaluation. Go through the purchase path like you were a customer. Compare yourself to your competition.

Would you choose you?

If you’re not sure the answer is yes, then work on your landing page offer and design.

Landing Page Hack #10: Mobile

This should go without saying in 2019, but if your advertising campaign collateral isn’t working on mobile devices, it isn’t working.

If you’re running ads through Facebook or other social media platforms, you can expect most of your traffic to be mobile. Even on Google search, mobile is now in the majority.

All your digital marketing must be set up for mobile. Makes sure your designs are modern and functional.