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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Retargeting Drives Strong Ecommerce Conversion Rates

Retargeting is an important tactic for eCommerce websites.  This case study shows how retargeting can boost overall sales and win the highest conversion rates.

There is one hurdle in online sales every business must overcome:  hesitation.

Shoppers hesitate for many reasons.  They want to continue to check around.  They’re not sure if they want to spend the money or if the product is quite right.

But mostly, they get distracted.  The internet is the most distracting place on Earth.  Social media, the news, search for anything anytime…people randomly surf, often leaving important tasks behind.

Retargeting is a reminder for them to do the right thing and complete their task.  Gee, my anniversary is coming up and I still haven’t bought her that blouse…better get that now!

This Marketing 360® eCommerce client gets consistent sales from retargeting, along with their highest conversion rates.

Here’s their data over the last 90 days:

marketing data header

retargeting conversion data

In this case, retargeting is delivering the second most conversions overall, with the highest conversion rate at 5.77%.

They run retargeting ads on Google display and Facebook, with Facebook dynamic ads being the dominant player:

retargeting social media

They use banner and dynamic retargeting ads, simply showing the product with a call to action to go back to the website and purchase:

Our retargeting software makes it easy to track and manage all the retargeting campaigns from one place and tie the value into the overall strategy.

In the case of this business, retargeting is clearly a vital tactic.  They can build off this to increase the size of their lists and develop lookalike campaigns that reach new audiences.