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Marketing 360® Blog

Optometry Websites Get Back to the Basics (to Convert!)

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Design & Branding

Marketing 360® conversion data shows that optometry and eye care businesses convert well when they get organic traffic and have basic, conversion-based websites.

What is 20/20 vision for an optometry website?

Our data shows that organic SEO (20) and a basic, conversion-focused website (20) is what brings conversions into focus.

Many eye care businesses come to us with overdone websites.  They’re a jumble of confusing links, dated images, and vague value propositions.  Needless to say, they never convert well.

Our UXI® optometry website templates are not complicated.  We’ve fine-tuned these so they have an elegant, straightforward design simple enough for a first-grader to understand.

This is design with purpose.  It’s designed not just to look good, but to work.

Here’s what we mean.

Conversion Clarity

We’ll let the data and design do the talking.  Because these websites get a lot of conversions on mobile devices, we’ll show mobile layouts.

Optometry Case Study #1

optometry case study website design

Their conversion data (last 60 days).

optometry case study conversion data

Optometry Case Study #2

eye doctor website design

Their 60-day data:

eye doctor conversion data

Optometry Case Study #3

eye doctor mobile website design

optometry conversion data

Are you starting to see what we see?

These simple designs make it easy to call or set an appointment.  Each site ranks organically for “eye doctor” or “optometry” related searches in their area.

This results in high conversion rates with a steady flow of new patients setting appointments.

On the last site we show, it’s worth noting that only 5 of the 82 total conversions came on a desktop computer.  The majority of them are click to call mobile conversions.  This shows how vital it is to have the call tracking conversion path set up on your optometry website.

Clarity is a wonderful thing for vision.  It’s equally important in the design of an optometry website.

If you’d like to get a mockup for your brand designed on UXI®, contact us today.