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Marketing 360® Blog

Garage Service Website – Conversion Based Design Example

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Design & Branding

What does a conversion-based website design look like? This garage solution service website, designed on UXI® is a perfect example.

Garage Solutions is a long-time Marketing 360® client that offers garage cabinet systems in the San Francisco area. Their website is a step-by-step case study on how to build a conversion-based design. Let’s break it down with a look at the mobile version of their website.

Above the Fold

  • Click to call button for call to action (full number on desktop version)
  • Top header identifies main service area
  • Clear call to action gives service overview with crisp copy
  • Service area and review buttons highlight vital content
  • Secondary header uses target keywords
  • Top Rated Local app opens review content

This really hits all the essentials above the fold. On the desktop version there is a background image of a neat garage, but they don’t let it take over on the mobile version.

Clear Navigation

  • SEO keyword header and second text section highlights the value proposition
  • Call to action button to get started
  • Clear, image-based navigation guides people to service content


These speak for themselves. Short and to the point, testimonials build trust and should always be included on your homepage.

Trust Badges

  • Final section of SEO headers and value/service descriptions (notice how they spread this content out instead of having it all in one, long block)
  • Trust badges and industry connections (NextDoor and Houzz awards 2016-19)
  • Call to actions repeated


Videos include:

  1. Problem-to-solution promotional
  2. A service overview video
  3. Two social influencer videos

This entire homepage is nicely tied together with strong copy, SEO elements, calls to action, navigation, and trust content.

Superb, functional design that gets results. A healthy 4.05% conversion rate, which is really good considering they have a niche solution.

Does your website need a conversion-focused redesign? Contact us today and learn more about our UXI® website designs.