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Free Website Design for Small Business (This is Why Marketing 360® Offers Free Websites)

Post By Scott Yoder | Design & Branding

Small businesses that work with Marketing 360® can get a website designed for free.  We’d like to outline why we make this offer, and why it’s so important to your success.

We recently spoke with a small business owner that had allocated about $3,000 to start marketing in his local area.

Unfortunately, we were not the first website design firm he spoke to.  In fact, he’d hired a local designer to develop his website.  The work was complete, and he spent over half his marketing budget – on just the website design/development.

This website was not developed on a template or content management system.   It’s coded in HTML so any changes must be coded in.

Also, it was just a design.  The person was strictly a website developer – not a marketing expert.  The content was based only on what the business owner suggested – and not in coordination with a marketing strategy.

Long story short, this business owner blew over half his initial marketing budget on a website with no conversion-focused content, no keyword optimization, and no editing interface.

For a small business with limited resources, this is a tough place to start.  He has one piece of collateral that has almost none of the fundamental elements in place to be used as a marketing tool.

And equally bad, he doesn’t have enough budget left to get a legitimate start on the rest of his marketing.

Put Your Money Where Your Marketing Is

We hear about small businesses paying for website design – and burning far too much of their budget on it – too often.

Think of a website as an engine.  It propels your online marketing, but it can’t run without fuel.

Marketing is the fuel a business website must run on.

Which brings us to the Marketing 360® approach.

We know the way to success is to invest in marketing.  Without marketing, your target audience won’t know about your product.  They won’t understand how you can help them.  You won’t have a brand image.

Under these circumstances, a website design (even a good one) is basically useless.  Your website is a destination for people who found you on search, read a review about you, came across you on social media, or learned about your brand locally.

All of that awareness comes about as the result of marketing.  A website is just a tool.  It can’t do its job unless a professional is putting it to use.

At Marketing 360®, we encourage our clients to invest in marketing.  We also want them to have an excellent website – but one built on the principles of a marketing strategy.

So we don’t charge you for the website design.  Instead, we have you put your budget into marketing your business.

The Six-Month Roll Out

When you start a marketing campaign, you must prepare to see it through for at least 6 months.  You’ll need that much time to gather data on your audience, test and refine your tactics, and modify your collateral.   It will probably take at least the first few months to build up any momentum at all so you start getting traffic and sales.

So when you work with Marketing 360®, the time frame for the initial marketing push is 6 months.  We create an initial plan/budget for that time frame.

When you make the investment to market for six months, we include the website for free.  We want you to be able to put your resources towards marketing your business.

You might be thinking well, the website’s only ostensibly free.  I actually have to pay for 6 months of marketing to get it.

But that’s not really the case.  The guy we described at the beginning of this article still has to market his business, and he’ll need that same 6 months to get established.

His problem is that over half his budget is already spent on his website design with zero marketing in place.

However you approach this, you’ll have to make the marketing investment.  If you don’t have to lay out cash for a website design, you have that much more to invest in a successful marketing effort.

Conversion-Based Website Designs

Marketing 360® is not the only place you can get a free website.  There are other template services that let you to design a site for free.

So what’s the difference?  Why choose our design templates?

First, our User Experience Intelligence (UXI) designs are not do-it-yourself template builders.  We offer a business-class solution where you work with a professional designer to customize your design.  UXI is actually a free website design service, not just a builder.

Second, we offer a proven conversion-based design approach.  The websites we design are strictly lead-generation and eCommerce sales websites.  The entire design concept is built around the action of generating leads and sales on the site.

After working with thousands of businesses, we have a lot of experience at creating websites that convert.

Here are some recent lead-generation designs and mockups.

Here are recent eCommerce website designs.

Here is a conversion-based design case study.

Here is our 2018 design reel:

An Investment In You

Why does Marketing 360® offer free website designs for small businesses?

It stems from the fact that we’re not just a design agency, we’re a marketing and advertising agency.

The free website is an investment in your business.  We want your marketing to be successful so we can work with you for years to come.  Our best clients are businesses we retain with long-term marketing relationships.

We’re more successful this way, and so are our clients.

Think of your website design as part of your overall marketing effort.  It’s one piece of the puzzle.  Everything has to come together for any one part to work.

Whether you go with Marketing 360® or not, we recommend that you don’t put too much of your budget into designing a website.  If you build a site but have nothing left to market it with, your site won’t do you much good.

If your business has custom functionality requirements, then you may need to invest more in your project.  But for typical small business and eCommerce conversion sites, today’s templates work well.

You can’t run the engine without fuel.

Fuel Your Brand™.