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Event Planner Case Study: Design Matters

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Event planners know the importance of image and visual appeal.  The website Marketing 360® designed for this event planner client speaks for itself.

For a business where design is their business, such as interior designers, photographers, fashion designers, and event planners, their business website must make a statement.

Website design for these businesses is, in large part, their message.  After all you wouldn’t go to a tailor wearing an ill-fitting suit.  Would you hire an event planner with a dated, drab website?

An event planning business came to Marketing 360® realizing the answer to that question is no.  They wanted a website design as stunning as the decor and lighting they created for their clients.

Here’s what you see when you arrive on their homepage:

event planner homepage design

The ingenious use of vertical, layered navigation makes a stunning first impression that says a great deal about the attention to detail you could expect from their services.

The lavish feel of this site continues as they break down their services:

event planner case study homepage category

With the visual appeal of these services, another important page is their gallery.  If an image is worth a thousand words, then this is worth a lot of conversions:

event planner case study

With the other elements of a conversion based website in place, this business is off to a strong start with conversions:

event planner marketing case study conversion data

No matter the type of business, design matters.

But when the value you offer centers on design, it doesn’t just matter.

It’s vital.

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