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Electrician Marketing Case Study: This is How You Get High Conversion Rates

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This electrical contractor uses the Marketing 360® platform to generate consistent, qualified leads for their business.  Here’s the breakdown.

If there is one thing we can say about marketing after working with thousands of local businesses across the USA, it’s that simplicity sells.  The ability to identify a clear target audience, directly communicate value, and have a straightforward call to action is a winning combination for lead-generation.

Case study in point, this Marketing 360® electrician client.

Let’s start with their website design, an exemplar for local lead-generation.

electrician lead generation website design

They get right to it.  You know where they work, what they do, and what action to take.  They motivate you by offering $20 off to get things started.

If you want to call, the phone number is right on top.

Note that this form is not at the bottom of their homepage.  It’s not a “contact” page you have to navigate to.

It’s above the fold on the homepage.  Direct.

This is an effective landing page.  Take a look at these 180-day conversion rates:

electrician conversion data

Overall 15.81%, topped out with 26.80% on organic.

They are direct about where they are, which helps them rank organically for their primary search terms.

electrician marketing case study seo data

Their TPA® paid search campaigns are effective because they create ad groups for their specific services.  For example, their ads for hot tub connections convert at 19%:

electrician case study tpa

With their branding and local reputation, they also get a lot of direct website traffic, which converts at 20.34%.

They leave no lead behind by using retargeting ads on the web.  These banner ads are another study in simple, effective advertising:

electrician retargeting ad

To top it all off, they have strong testimonial content on their website and their Google Business listing is stellar:

electrician google reviews

Some local business owners still pine for the lost days of the yellow pages.  It was so simple to advertise back then.

But the truth is this isn’t much more complicated.  And it’s better because they can provide more information and target campaigns for specific services.  Their website has more info on them, which helps pre-qualify leads.

People know more about their service and reputation, which gets the relationship off to a positive start.

It’s complete but simple.

That’s what conversion rate optimization is all about.

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