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Marketing 360® Blog

Dance School Marketing Case Study: The Fundamentals of a Conversion-Based Website

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Design & Branding

Do you run a dance studio and need a new website that converts visitors into new students?  Here’s the breakdown of a dance school website with all the right elements in place.

This Marketing 360® dance school client has a website design that converts exceptionally well.  They get these results by following the fundamentals of conversion-based websites designed on the UXI® template.

Because they get 88% of their conversions on mobile devices with the majority of those being click to calls, we’ll show the mobile version of their website.


Above the Fold:  Navigation and Contact

When you first arrive on this site, you’re struck by two things.  The first is the elegant image of dancers, particularly the flow of the red gown.  The other is that it immediately lets you know where you are and what you should do.

dance school case study mobile design

Two calls to action are highlighted in yellow, the click to call button and form to sign up for a first class.

As you scroll down, the call to action is repeated, with navigation to the dance classes they offer.

dance school homepage navigation mobile

These large navigation images make it easy to navigate the content on this website on a phone.  The click to call button is always in the header.  The form fill is short and to the point:

dance school marketing

For many local businesses like dance studios, we are seeing that a large percentage of their leads come from mobile devices, mainly as phone calls.

When you look at this design, you can see why.  First, it’s as easy (almost easier, really) to navigate the site on a phone as on a desktop.  The click to call button is the fastest way to capture a conversion ever developed.

Overall, this dance studio does a good job of getting their name known in the community by word of mouth, social media, and online reviews.  People look them up by name on their phones, and if they think it’s time to start dancing, they click that phone button.

Their strong conversion rates show how well this site is working:

dance school marketing conversion data

If your website isn’t set up like this dance studio’s for mobile visitors, it’s hard to overstate what a mistake that is.

Contact us today to discuss getting a free website design that’s mobile responsive for your business.