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Case Study: Urgent Care Demonstrates the Power of Landing Pages

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Design & Branding

Message match between ad and landing page is an essential conversion tactic.  Here is a medical marketing case study that exemplifies how this works.

One of the most common mistakes businesses make with pay per click advertising (PPC) is to use their homepage as the landing page.

It’s an understandable mistake.  The homepage often “says it all” about the business.  It’s the page that spent the most time in design – the best page on the site.  Why not use it?

The problem is that most business homepages have general branding and information that isn’t an exact match with the offer in the ad.

This lapse causes one of the true killers of online conversions:  confusion.  The user reads your ad for a specific offer, service or deal, then gets thrown into the general navigation of your homepage.  They’re uncertain. What’s this? This isn’t what the ad said!  They leave your site.

Now, imagine your kid just fell off his bike and you think he broke his arm.  You do a quick search for urgent care and land on a homepage with a stock photo of a doctor and navigation to the many services they offer.

You’d do more that bounce off that page.  You let a few expletives fly.

Message match is vital.  Here is a Marketing 360® urgent care provider that knows how it’s done.


Case Study:  Urgent Care Landing Pages

You have a sudden, urgent medical need.  You don’t know where to go, but you know you need to get there ASAP.

You do a rapid search on your phone.  You see this ad in the top spot:

medical case study ppc ad

That’s what you need.  You click on the ad and go to this page:

medical case study landing page

You’ve got a number to call, an address with map directions, and hours of operation.  This landing page converts at a rate of 48.28%.

Say you are looking for primary care and need an immediate visit.  You search in your area and find this ad:

ppc ad example

You land on this page:

medical landing page

Not only do you have all the necessary contact information, but you can see when the next appointment is available and when walk-in urgent care closes.  This landing page converts at 56.35%.

The average online conversion rate for PPC advertising is 2-3%.

Granted, the needs of these searchers are urgent, so the conversion rates are going to be higher.  But sealing the deal is the specific content of the landing pages that give people the exact information they need with a clear call to action.  The second page actually shows when the next appointment is available and lets you book it online.  That’s on point.

These are exemplary landing pages.  The information provided on the page matches perfectly with what the ad offers.  The page understands the action the visitor wants to take and makes it crystal clear how to take that action.

If your paid advertising efforts are struggling, keep this case study in mind.  Understand what the searcher needs and make sure your content matches that need exactly.  Message match and a clear call to action are the keys to high conversion rates.