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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: The Basics of a High Converting Real Estate Agent Website

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Design & Branding

As a real estate agent, you’re doing your best on Zillow and  But you have all your main listings on your website, and you’d like to draw more leads to it so you’re the exclusive agency.

In this case study, we’ll break down the essentials of real estate agent homepage that has a 21.57% conversion rate, with organic traffic being the highest lead producer.

The leads they get from their website are their most profitable, so the work they’ve put into this design and content paid off.


Above the Fold

The area above the fold conveys all the essentials for this agency.  A visitor knows what areas they service, how to contact them and their specializations.  Of course they also have the search bar for listings.

real estate agent homepage above the fold

  • They are specific about the cities they have listings in.
  • It’s clear that property management is specialization with a call to action for a consultation.
  • Other areas of service are detailed.
  • Search bar is prominent and has prime search options.
  • Option to email or call.


Middle Section

The middle section of this homepage is simple.  They have a short, general value statement that repeats their areas of specialization, followed by a rotating banner with images of the their current listings:

real estate case study


Lower Third

The lower third of the homepage offers the trust factor of testimonials, another call to action to send a message, and images of the team members.

real estate case study design

Below this is a brief introduction to the agency, with some keyword copy to improve their SEO rankings.  The footer has another place to send a message and all contact information.

You may be thinking to yourself that this website seems simple and straightforward.  That’s right – and exactly the point.  Simple, clean designs that help visitors find what they want, understand the value the agency offers, and make contact are what it’s all about.  You don’t have to overwhelm people with massive stock images of homes you don’t actually sell or excessive explanations about why you got into real estate.

The focus is conversions, and that’s just what happens.

If your website is under-performing, contact us to get a free website mockup for your agency.  This agency can attest to how nice it is not to have to rely just on Zillow.