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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Pool Service Optimizes for Conversions

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Design & Branding

What does a local service website look like when it’s optimized to convert?  This pool service Marketing 360® client provides an excellent example.

A conversion-based design for a local service like pool maintenance must have several elements in place, including:

  1. Clear content that orients visitors so they know they’ve found the right site for their needs; it must be explicit about service details and locations.
  2. Clear contact information with multiple calls to action.
  3. An incentive for new customers to take immediate action.
  4. A modern, clean design that engenders trust.
  5. Correct use of service and location information that supports high search results.
  6. Providing information competitors neglect, such as pricing specifics.

With all this in place, most businesses convert well.  Here’s how it works for this swimming pool service.


Above the Fold

Here are the website elements above the fold:

pool service marketing case study website design

All the elements are in place.  The call to action is clear, with phone or web form options.

They’re specific about the cities within their service area, actually listing each in the sub-header (visitors appreciate this so they quickly know if the business services their area).

They offer incentives for new customers (50% off the first month) and a special for armed forces veterans.

They have a link that goes to a page with specific information on pricing.  Again, pricing is information prospective customers really want, yet most of the competition doesn’t provide this info on their website.

The results don’t leave a great deal of doubt about the effectiveness of the site (results last 90 days)

pool service marketing case study conversion data

Those are consistent results across their main channels.

Compare your site to what this business has in place.  If you’re missing most of these elements, it’s likely driving your conversion rates down.

Contact us today for a free website analysis.  We’ll even do a free mockup so you can see your branding on a conversion-based design.