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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Moving Company Perfects Website Conversions

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Design & Branding

This moving company uses Marketing 360® to hone in the best search traffic and convert it with an exemplary website design.   This is how it’s done.


Local Optimization

This moving company starts with a smart strategy.   There is no business or homeowner in the area of Columbus, GA who doesn’t find them.  That’s because they’re all over page one of Google for moving searches in their area.

Here are their top organic results:

moving service keyword seo

The strategy here is important to note.  While they work with clients outside the city of Columbus, they optimize their website for search that hits the primary target, which is people closer to their location.  It’s making sure they hit the bullseye and connect with leads that are most probable to turn into business.

We sometimes see moving companies miss this.  They target a big city 100 miles away or try to cover the whole state (where there’s more competition) while someone planning a move a mile from their location doesn’t know about them.  You don’t want to miss the local leads.

The other reason this moving company gets so many leads is their conversion-based UXI website design.

This website is a perfect example of how to orient, persuade, and motivate action.  Here’s what you see above the fold:

mover case study above the fold

  • They’re clear about their location.
  • Multiple calls to action get leads to contact them.
  • Special offer and discounts motivate action.
  • Testimonials build trust.

Below the fold they have SEO content that further explains their services and uses their targeted keywords.  Then they have testimonial content and trust badges to seal the deal:

moving company case study website testimonials

This combination works to the tune of a 19.20% overall conversion rate.

moving case study conversion data

This is not chance or luck.  This is marketing using a proven strategy with perfectly executed tactics.

That’s what we do at Marketing 360®.  If your website conversions are poor, contact us.  We can do it for you too.

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