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Case Study: Landscaper Nails Calls to Action to Get High Conversion Rates

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Design & Branding

Learn how a Marketing 360® landscaping company developed strong calls to action on their website that turned into awesome conversion rates.

There are many ways in which a business website creates an impression.  The design, imagery, and layout create a kind of “big picture” that visitors use to develop an initial impression of the business.

This impression is important, but it’s not what directly leads to a conversion.  The content that directly converts the visitor into a lead, capturing their contact info, is the call to action.

The call to action is where you tell the visitor what action to take so they contact you.  Call to actions can be in the imperative: Get an Estimate, Call Now.   Or they make an offer: Save 50%, Free Service.

For a local business with lead-generation goals, calls to action are the crux – they compel the action that turns a visitor into a lead.

Here is a landscaping business that shows us how it’s done.


Case Study:  Landscaper Crushes Calls to Action

There is no messing around with this landscaper’s call to action layout:

lawn care calls to action

There are three ways these calls to action are working to specifically meet the needs of visitors.

The first are direct calls to action to contact the business by calling or filling out a free estimate form.

The second two go to coupons targeting new customers.  They offer free aeration, 50% off services, and capture a phone and email to have the coupon sent to the lead.

call to action coupons


The third call to action is watch a video which gives an overview of the services and builds trust with testimonials.

The results of this set-up speak for themselves.

landscaper marketing conversion data

Over the past 90 days, they have a 30.14% conversion rate on organic SEO and 16.13% on pay per click advertising.  Adding 19.49% on direct searches and referral sites, and they have a 23.80% overall conversion rate.

Nearly a third of the people who arrive on this site by organic searches are converting, which is about as high a number as you’ll ever see.

Conversions are bolstered by the professional design and strong testimonial content included on the website.

The takeaway here couldn’t be more clear.

You have to guide website visitors in the direction you want them to go.  And you have to – literally – tell them what action you want them to take.

This homepage provides some options, but in fact there are only two results.  Either someone calls directly or they fill out a form that initiates contact with the business.

If your conversion rates are low, there are two things to look at.

The first is trust issues.  Is there something that’s causing people to think you might not keep your promises?  If people don’t trust you, your conversion rates will be in the basement.

The other is your calls to action.  Are you making what you want people to do clear?  Do you give them a good reason to do it?  Is it fast and easy to take this action?

Your call to action is the moment of truth.  Either visitors choose to engage with you or they don’t.  Make sure this content is doing everything possible to entice them into action.