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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Landing Pages Drive Conversions

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Design & Branding

Is it possible to convert traffic on a business website at 75%?  It is when you have Marketing 360® running ad campaigns and building landing pages.  Check out these results for a garage door repair service.

Here is a simple advertising heuristic to consider.

Targeted ad + great offer + persuasive landing page = conversions.

Three things that lead to results.  Here’s what it looks like for a garage door repair service.

First, their targeted ad:

garage door service tpa ad

This particular ad converted at 81.82% (converting 18 visitors on 22 clicks) during the first month of the campaign.

The reason it does so well is because of the message match with the landing page.

The $0 service call is matched on the landing page:

garage door service landing page

They complete a strong value proposition:

garage door case study value proposition

Since they started using this landing page over just their homepage, conversion data has jumped (compares the first month campaign ran to previous month):

conversion data

A 105.66% increase in conversions with 42.85% drop in the cost per conversion.

Those are the kinds of numbers that indicate a campaign is making a major, immediate impact.

Three things connected together to equal conversions.  If your business isn’t getting high conversion rates when you know it should, call us today.

We can’t promise a 75% conversion rate (which is astonishing), but for most local service business, we see the industry average of 2-3% as a weak goal that needs to be multiplied by 10.

Do better.  Fuel your brand.®

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