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Case Study: Interior Design Website Built to Convert

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Are you looking to design a website for your interior design business and need ideas on how to make it effective?  This Marketing 360® interior design client is an excellent example of conversion-based website design.

A lot of interior design business websites suffer from the problem of vague content.  There is a lot of fluff about how they “make client’s dreams into reality” while they overlook crucial details that motive people to take action.

While interior design is not a high-volume lead-generation industry, poor websites convert nobody.  Not a good thing in the digitally driven world we live in.

Here is a Marketing 360® client with a design on a UXI® template.  Their website is an effective tool for connecting with prospective clients because they have several vital conversion elements in place.  Let’s break it down.


Above the Fold

When you arrive at this website, critical information is instantly visible:

interior design case study homepage above the fold

  1. Call to action with phone number (twice) and link to contact page.
  2. Trust badges with Top Rated Local and Houzz Awards.
  3. Main headline clarifies what they do and where they do it.

This all seems straightforward, but we often see interior design sites that fail to communicate where their service area is, what they actually do, or how to contact them.  They offer no trust factors to assure visitors they’re established.

The goal of a homepage – particularly above the fold – is to orient visitors.  They want to know they’re in the right place – immediately – or they’ll lose patience and hit the back button.

This homepage above the fold content does an excellent job of orienting visitors.


Value Proposition

The next vital piece of content is the value proposition, which gives visitors a sense of why they should choose this particular interior design firm.

interior design case study value proposition

It’s critical to not only say what you do, but to also give prospective clients clear reasons you’re the best choice for their needs.  A strong value proposition is vital homepage content.


Reviews and Testimonials

In today’s marketing environment, reviews are huge.  Consumers expect established businesses to have online reviews on multiple platforms.  Their decision to engage with a business is heavily influenced by the ratings a business has.

This interior design website has links in their header (shown in above the fold image) that go to Houzz and Top Rated Local.  The TRL page has links to all their reviews with a cumulative rating score.

They add to this by highlighting several testimonials in the lower half of their homepage:

interior design case study reviews

Highlighting reviews is critical for all business websites today.  For interior designers, Houzz is an important place to get reviews, but it’s also helpful to get them on Google and Facebook.

Adding testimonials to your web content re-enforces the idea that you have an abundance of happy clients.  Very persuasive content.

In addition to these important elements, this homepage has links to their gallery for both residential and commercial work.  Galleries with professional images of design jobs are critical for interior design sites.

At the bottom of the page, they also have a map showing their office location, which further establishes the sense of location and also helps with SEO.

Last but not least, this website (like all UXI sites) is mobile responsive, so all this content formats perfectly on phone screens.  Vital today when so much web traffic comes in on phones; many conversions will be click to call.

Does your interior design website lack most – or all – of these elements?  If so, it’s hurting your lead generation.

Contact our marketing consultants today and we’ll go over these things as they pertain to your business, then design you a free mockup.

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