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Case Study: HVAC Company Gets High ROI With Enticing Calls to Action

Sometimes the best way to get big jobs is to start small.  Here is a case study where an HVAC company uses low-risk calls-to-action to get high-profit jobs.

If your AC is making odd, clanking sounds, rumbling like a freight-train and occasionally releasing wisps of smoke, you know – in your heart – that you’re probably going to have to replace it.

But replacing an AC unit is a big expense.  If you’re on a budget already, picturing that bill will chill you to the bone (even if you’re sweating your butt off because the AC is on the fritz).

You don’t want to be hit with the hard reality of a bill in the thousands.  You feel a sense of risk…you’d love to put this off as long as possible.

But it’s July and the heat isn’t letting up.  You have to act.

Case Study:  HVAC Uses Low-Risk Call to Action to Generate High-Profit Leads

Imagine this wording in a call to action:

AC Replacement and Installation!  At least $8000!

With an 8K bill staring you in the face, you might just deal with being hot.

Compare that to these calls to action:

hvac calls to action

Same day service call only $45?  That doesn’t sound bad at all.

Hey, we get a free WIFI thermostat!  That sounds awesome!

And these offers match the ad that brought you to the site:

hvac ppc ad

Compared to our spend 8k assertion, these ads are a delight.  They ease the lead into engaging with the HVAC company, which makes taking immediate action seem like far and away the best choice.

Beyond this, the website has easy click-to-calls and a short form people can fill out to get a free estimate.

Then they sweeten the deal:

hvac trust badges

A free one-year service agreement, 2-year labor warranty, and get $50 back if you refer a friend.

And these guys are not just about profit.  They have a social purpose, giving back to the Wounded Warrior Project.  They also give a discount to seniors, military, and police.

This content works.  Here is their recent conversion data:

hvac case study conversion data

An overall conversion rate of 21.29% is tremendous.  Fully one-third of people who know them by name or clicked through a referral site to convert.

A major reason their conversion rates are so high is because of how these elements come together to lower a prospect’s sense of risk.  Everybody gets nervous when they’re faced with a big expense.  The calls to action on this site make taking the first step easy and practical.

Once the lead is captured and a service call is set up, the practical reality of what it costs to replace an AC unit enters the picture.  This HVAC company reports that their average job from website leads is about 8K, giving them huge ROI on their marketing investment.

The takeaway here is clear.  Online consumers are skittish and risk-averse.  When it comes to spending their hard earned money, they’re looking for reasons to hesitate.

Use your website calls to action to evoke the opposite response.  Make it easy to act.  Reduce the sense of risk to a minimum.

You’ll get the lead.  And of course, everyone knows they’re not going to get their AC fixed for $45 – but now that doesn’t matter.  You can meet them, earn their trust, and give them a fair estimate on the work.  By then, the reality of what they’ll need to spend has set in, and you have a profitable new job.