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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Funeral Home Sees Benefits of New Website Design

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Design & Branding

This funeral home service did a website redesign on the UXI® and saw an immediate increase in website conversions.

Sometimes in website marketing, we discover that small content “tweaks” can make a big difference in results.  Case in point is a funeral home website landing page we modified on the UXI® platform.

First, let’s compare the layouts.  Here is the older site.

Here is the redesign.

funeral home website redesign

At first glance, you might not think there are any huge differences between these design.  But note two points.

  1. The navigation to the different funeral home locations is highlighted at the top of the page with colored boxes that stand out.
  2. On the redesign, there are people in the hero shot.  The presence of human faces is known to increase conversion rates.

Getting people onto the right location page is absolutely critical because most of the conversions for this business are phone calls.  The typical visitor clicks through to the right location page and calls the funeral home.

The hero shot of the family gives a more direct human element to the page.  They look content and dignified, which is the state the funeral home wants to engender with clients as they deal with the loss of a loved one.

Still, you might look at these pages and think these content changes wouldn’t do much.  But the data tells a different story.

In the months after the new site went live, their conversion numbers jumped:

funeral home conversion data

Note that the increase in conversions wasn’t just due to more traffic, although they did see increases there.  It was mainly about conversion rate.

funeral home marketing case study

It’s those numbers that we rely on.

You start with assumptions about what will improve the performance of a website and design around them.

Then you watch the data and listen to the story it tells.

In the case of this funeral home, that story is an increase in profitability.

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