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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Designing for Multiple Locations & Services

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Design & Branding

This contractor website designed on UXI® is a perfect example of how to make sure your website content quickly communicates all the locations you work in and services you offer.

At Marketing 360®, we often get local service providers who offer multiple services in multiple locations.

This creates problems with website content.  We often see websites that fail to communicate what they do or where they do it.  Instead, they have a vague value offering like “Our Customers are Our Priority”.

This hurts performance because it’s so important to orient people when they first arrive on a website.  Visitors need to know what you offer and – in the case of a local service – if you’re in their area.

The secret to avoiding this problem is to be obvious.  Make sure your homepage content clearly communicates all your services and all your locations.

Here is an example homepage from a home energy contractor that has four main services and four locations.  Notice how quickly you can identify the vital information:

contractor multiple location design

  • Across the top header, they name the four cities they’re in with phone numbers for each.
  • The main navigation has each of four services they provide.

In addition, the main image rotates so each of their services is highlighted with a new image and call to action.

website services banner

As you scroll down, they repeat their services areas with images and links.

website service areas

You can’t get much more obvious than this.  If someone leaves this website, it won’t be because they don’t know what this business does or where they do it.

Since we implemented this design, their conversion rate has improved by 88.6%, averaging 6.44% in the 180 day period prior to the changes, compared to 12.15% in the 180 days with the design.  Conversions are up 58.12% and cost per conversion down 57.4%.

conversion data

This shows that it pays to be clear with your website content.

Don’t make visitors guess about the information they need most.  Save the poetical, vague headers…well, don’t save them.  Get rid of them and tell people where you are and what you do so they’ll hire you.