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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Contractor Wins With Conversion-Based Website Design

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Design & Branding

A website design that’s focused on converting leads is the key to driving results.  This concrete-leveling contractor shows how it’s done.

In digital marketing, we talk a great deal about conversions, which are, after all, the lead-generation and sales actions we target on a website.

We set them out there as a goal, but setting a goal and achieving it are two different things.

Websites that covert well have certain traits.  Together they make up a conversion-based design.

What’s important about a conversion-based design is its intention.  Nothing is on the page unless it helps drive people towards conversion.

This intention is easier to overlook than most people realize.  Websites get weighed down with unnecessary content.  Conversions suffer.

Here is a Marketing 360® contractor with a dialed in conversion-based website.   Let’s break down what they do.


Case Study:  Contractor Website Drives 15.41% Conversion Rate

Trust.  Ease of use.  A crisp value proposition.  Clear calls to action.  These are the fundamentals of a conversion-based website.

This concrete-leveling homepage does it all:

contractor marketing homepage

  • Calls to action in three places above the fold make contacting the business easy.
  • Value proposition gives a specific price advantage over choosing the competition.
  • Review badges indicate a strong service record, building trust.

As you scroll to the lower half of the page, they have links to more information and a video that quickly conveys their value proposition.

contractor marketing homepage below fold


To build trust, they have a testimonials page, but get even more impact by using testimonials in a sliding header on the top of every back page.

contractor website testimonials


The results speak for themselves (last 90 days).

marketing data header

contractor case study conversion data

contractor case study

An average conversion rate of 15.41% from these three channels.

There’s nothing magic here.  The website design is actually pretty simple.

It’s just a matter of having the essentials in place.  They make their case, prove that they’re trustworthy, and make it easy to contact them.

Those elements equal more leads.  That’s what it’s all about.