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Case Study: Carpet Cleaner Cleans Up on Website Conversions

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Sometimes you can just look at a website and know it will convert well.  It has the elements in place.

Marketing 360® designed a UXI® website for a San Antonio carpet cleaning service that is this type of site.  Let’s break down the elements.

carpet cleaning homepage

  1. They have strong calls to action for a call or request a quote in two places above the fold.
  2. Top Rated Local badges and star-rating engender trust.
  3. The main headline clearly states what they do and where they do it.
  4. Video describes services and value in detail.
  5. Image uses eye contact, smiles, and a clean carpet for the hero shot effect.
  6. Their value is summed-up in the bottom header.

This design builds trust and eliminates doubt.  You know what they do, where they are, and that they’re experienced and trustworthy.  All this happens in just a matter of seconds.

As you scroll down, the design does a fantastic job of outlining specific services and making it easy to navigate to get more info.

carpet cleaning case study

At the bottom of the homepage, they increase trust levels by including testimonials, and use a map embed to show all the other main areas they serve in the San Antonio area.

carpet cleaning marketing

The mobile responsive design ensures all this content looks perfect on a phone screen.

Does it work?  For sure.  Their strong design, solid calls to action, and clear message result in a 7.43% conversion rate, peaking at 18.12% through organic channels:

carpet cleaning marketing case study data

Let’s be honest.  This isn’t rocket science.  A clean design with clear information and strong trust factors does a lot to increase conversions.  It should be standard practice to have this level of website design for a local service business.

But if look around at carpet cleaners, painters, plumbers, or other contractors in most cities, you’ll see a collection of dismal sites that are outdated, fail to communicate mandatory information, and create no sense of value, quality, or urgency that motivate people to act.

Does that sound like your website?  Are your conversion rates terrible?

Then consider doing what this carpet cleaning service did.  Hire Marketing 360® to design a website built to convert leads and make you money.  After all, if it’s not doing that, what good is it?

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