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9 Best Fitness Website Design Templates for 2019

| Design & Branding

It’s 2019 and your fitness business website design is looking flabby.  It’s time for an update.

Below are 9 of the best fitness website templates designs recently on the UXI® template platform.  These mobile responsive designs are eye-catching and refined with a focus on lead generation.  If you want to make a strong first impression while motivating visitors to take action, these designs are for you.

As you look at these fitness websites, you’d probably like to see what your content and branding would look like in UXI®.  Well, contact us for a free website mockup and find out!  We’re sure you’ll love the clean, goal focused design you’ll get.

(Click on the image to see an enlarged/zoom out view). 

Enshape Fitness

fitness personal trainer website design

Iron-Forged Fitness

fitness website template

Aim 4 Fitness

ladies fitness template

Justin Walls Fitness

fitness web design

Intelligent Fitness

personal trainer website template

David Mcllhenny Fitness & Personal Training 

personal trainer template Hardcore Fitness and Personal Training 

fitness website Next Gen Fitness 

fitness center website template

Slimitless Fitness 

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