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Marketing 360® Blog

Assisted Living Center Case Study: Designing for Conversions

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Design & Branding

This assisted living center marketing client puts their calls to action front and center in their website design.  The result is awesome conversion rates.

There is an odd problem that plagues many business websites.  You’ve probably experienced it yourself.

You go to a website because you’re interested in their services.  Initially, it looks okay.  You might want to work with them.

Then you pause.  Something is wrong.  What’s missing?

After a moment you realize you don’t where this business is, nor do you know what their services are.  You think you might contact them, but realize there’s no phone number, no form, no map.

You might fumble around and find their contact page (which is hopefully easy to find in their navigation).  Or you might not.  That back button is starting to look like the easiest option.

Out of sight, out of mind.  That adage holds true for website calls to action.  If you don’t keep the action in front of people’s eyes, they won’t do much calling.

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The opposite is also true.  When you put your call to action front and center in design, you’ll improve conversion rates.

Case in point, this assisted living center website.  Take a look at this content:

assisted living center website call to action

Now note something.  This is not their Contact Us page.  It’s their About Us page.

Their large, above the fold header dominates the page, and it’s all calls to action.  Phone numbers (separate lines for new and existing residents) and a form fill to schedule a free tour.

This is how it looks on a phone screen.

call to action mobile screen

This is the design layout for all their pages.  The call to action is always at the top of this website.

We talk a lot about how important it is to design websites to convert.  The vital role your call to action plays on a lead generation website.

This case study makes the point.  Here are their conversion rates over the last 6 months:

assisted living center case study data

You don’t exceed 10% with web conversions when you’re (all but) hiding your calls to action on a back page.

You get those types of conversion rates when your calls to action are always visible and easy to complete.

Take a page from the pages of this assisted living center website.  If you want people to call, put your phone number in front of them.  If you want them to schedule a free tour, put that call to action in front of them.

Sometimes the simplest, most straightforward tactics make the biggest difference.