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Marketing 360® Blog

Roofing Contractor Case Study – Anatomy of a High Converting Homepage

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Design & Branding

Hippo Roofing is a Florida contractor that’s seen their conversion rates steadily rise.   Their secret?  They have a homepage with all the right conversion elements in place.  Here is a breakdown.

Clear Value Proposition

The first thing you see on this home page is all the elements of a crisp, unique value proposition.

conversion home page1.  Clear, specific offer.

There is no doubt about what this business does when you land on this homepage.  It’s clear that this company specializes in metal roofing.

2.  Beats the competition.

Hippo Roofing makes it clear why I should consider this roof instead of their competitors, which they specify as shingle roofing.  The durability is higher but the price is not.  They make the assertion that I won’t need to re-roof again and note an attractive pricing option.

3.  Solves my problem.

Hippo is clear about how this roof stands up to the hurricane level abuse my home might face in Florida.  They have a labor and material guarantee that lowers my sense of risk.

A clear value proposition is one of the most important elements of a landing page.  It tells visitors what your offer is and gives them a clear reason to choose you.


Calls to Action

You can’t convert unless you give visitors clear ways to take action.  This homepage makes several options clear.

At the top of the page, there are three clickable options:

As you scroll down, you get three more:

conversion calls to action

Notice how none of these calls to action uses the word “submit”.  They all have strong action words like “learn”, “now”, and “get”.  You can get a quote, learn more about the product, check financing, or just click to call someone.

The calls to action boxes use red and blue to stand out on computer or mobile screens.

It’s simple but often overlooked.  You must explicitly tell visitors what they should do with strong calls to action.



Video is an effective, fast way to convey your value proposition.  Hippo Roofing uses a clever animated video that throws in some fear elements and doubles down on the value proposition, particularly about how their roofing is best for areas susceptible to repeat hurricane damage.  The use of the hippo “superhero” develops their brand image, which they can convert into a storyline for social media marketing.

Video works well on mobile devices and can also be optimized for search on YouTube.  A well-developed video like this is a very effective tool for increasing conversion rates.


Reputation and Trust

Today, reviews and testimonials play a big role in persuading new leads to convert.  Hippo Roofing does an outstanding job of using testimonials, reviews, and trust badges on their homepage.

Few business websites have an entire drop-down menu devoted to reputation, but Hippo does:

conversion homepage reviews

As you scroll down the page, you get their testimonial videos.  This is effective because it puts real faces and voices with the testimonials.

Further down, you have two more places where they highlight testimonials:

testimonials conversions
Then, they have the Top Rated Local badge with a pop-up that has yet more reviews:

top rated local reviews

Finally, at the bottom, they have industry trust badges:

trust badges

This website really drives home their outstanding reputation, 5-star reviews, and trust factors.  The fact that the page emphasizes it so much makes it all that much more convincing.  This is a huge factor in getting new leads to convert.


Conversion Rate Optimization Data

A homepage design like Hippo Roofing’s doesn’t happen overnight or by accident.  It takes data analysis, design updates, and content modification to refine a page to this level.

Hippo worked with their Marketing 360® marketing executive to build out this page over time.  Here is how the conversion results tracked over a 17 month period:

cro case study


What you see is a consistent increase in traffic, clicks, and conversions, with a major drop in cost per conversions.  This is exactly the type of results you shoot for with your conversion rate optimization efforts.

Take a good look at this exemplary homepage.

  • It’s clean, to the point, and funnels people towards taking action.
  • It’s proactive about building trust and offering reviews so visitors don’t have to leave the site to get that content.
  • It mixes text and video content so people can get their message in multiple formats.

And the data does not lie:  it converts.

If your homepage is lacking these elements and has the poor performance to prove it, contact us today and let’s get to work on it.

There is a formula you can apply to most business websites that will improve conversions.  We’ve developed and refined it into an art.

We did it for Hippo Roofing, and we can do it for you.