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10 Best Yoga Studio Website Design Templates for 2019

| Design & Branding

In 2019, you can be pretty sure of one thing.  Most prospective new students for your yoga studio will check you out online before calling or paying a visit.

They jump on a computer or – even more likely – their phone to research yoga studios in their area.

This means your yoga website design needs to make a great first impression and do a solid job of selling your yoga instruction.

Below are 10 of the best yoga studio websites designed recently on the UXI® website platform.  These eye-catching, refined websites exemplify what a clean, conversion-based design should be.

When you take a look, you’ll want to see what your content and branding would look like in one of these templates.  You can get a free mockup for that very purpose.

(Click on the image to get an enlarged, zoom-out view).

NOBE Yoga 

yoga studio website design

OmYeah Yoga 

yoga website template

Mind and Body Yoga and Fitness 

yoga website

Take Yoga Studio 

Harmony Yoga 

Jacksonville Yoga Studio 

yoga studio template

Eda Yoga Center

Warrior’s Soul Healing Movement 

yoga template

Yuni Yoga Products 

yoga products

Bikram Yoga 

yoga studio website design

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