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This is Why You Need a CRM With Unlimited Users

Post By Scott Yoder | CRM Software

There are three ways you can pay for a CRM.

The first is to use a CRM with a pay-per-user agreement.  The bigger your database, the more you pay for the software.

The second is to use a CRM that is either free or has a nominal fee with a cap before it’s changed into a per-user contract.

Third is a CRM that has unlimited users with no lifetime cap.  There are some offers that remain free, others that have a nominal fee or are tied into other marketing software applications.

The distinction here is one that should make it easy for you to choose CRM software for your business.

The truth is that data is cheap.  With any cloud computing solution, paying based on database size or memory is outdated.  There is little operational cost for CRM software based on data usage.  It’s simply an older way of structuring the price of the service.

Few software as a service (SAAS) solutions charge based on user counts.  If yours does, it’s time to look for an alternative.


How Do CRM Services Charge?

CRM software should be offered as a service with flat rate monthly fee.  Your user and data usage are unlimited.

There is no such thing as free CRM software, though you see it advertised.  “Free” offers are a basic-level service that omits crucial functionality.  If you have the size customer base that warrants a CRM, the free version won’t cover your needs, requiring you to take the fee-based upgrade.

Other CRM software services, including the one offered by Marketing 360®, offer a free-trial so you can test the system, then have a nominal fee or include it with a comprehensive marketing and advertising solution.

We say nominal fee because CRM software shouldn’t be expensive.  If the company offers no support, you should be able to get a solution robust enough for a small enterprise for less than $200 per month.

If they offer customer service support and set-up assistance, you pay a bit more.

At Marketing 360®, we offer our CRM as part of the software suite we see as essential for today’s digital marketing.  This includes a marketing software platform and email marketing software.

Our marketing software platform was priced at $395 per month.  We added the CRM, same price.  Added email marketing software, still $395 a month.

We added these essential software services because they were needed to manage a full-fledged marketing effort.  We add them for free to increase the value of the services we offer you.

Marketing 360® is unique in the industry for offering a CRM with unlimited users in conjunction with integrated marketing software at a scale that works for small businesses.  Here is an overview of how the software works:


Unlimited Users and Unlimited Service

Marketing 360® doesn’t just offer unlimited users.  We offer unlimited service.

Setting up and maintaining optimal use of a CRM is actually where the challenge lies for most small businesses.  This means setting things up and creating protocols in your business to ensure your staff consistently use the CRM software.

A big problem with business CRM use is the software doesn’t become part of the culture.  If it’s not used consistently it will create gaps in your client service records.

We make sure this doesn’t happen by offering unlimited phone support so you can always make the most of the software.  This is part technical support, part sales strategy, and part marketing consultation.

Because our goal is to help you integrate your CRM into your marketing and sales efforts.  If it doesn’t work there, what’s the point?



CRM software is now indispensable for any company big enough to have a sales team of at least two people.  It’s so affordable that there is really no reason not to use it.

Part of that affordability and value comes from knowing you can add any contact without worrying about hitting a cost limit.  What are you supposed to do, only put certain types of contacts into your CRM?

Even better when you get the level of support Marketing 360® offers.  CRM software is one of the highest ROI tools you’ll ever invest in.

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