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Marketing 360® Blog

How to Create Duplicate Submission in CRM Software

Post By Scott Yoder | CRM Software

If you are familiar with CRM software, you may have run into a common problem: how to organize contacts who create duplicate submissions.

For example, say you have someone who fills out a lead form on your website.  They get put into a category of “new lead”, with all the conditions and automated actions associated with that category.

However, this person returns to your website and signs up for your newsletter.  Your CRM won’t allow for two sources, meaning you end up with duplicate contacts in the CRM.

On the Marketing 360® CRM, we have a feature called duplicate submission rules.

When editing a source under CRM Settings > Contact Sources, there is a section called “Duplicate Submission Rules”.  When these are turned on, they define what settings should be applied to a contact when his or her information is resubmitted via a source form.

duplicate submission rules

At issue here are the automations that are connected to the contact source.  For example, a new lead may have a series of automated emails that get sent as part of a follow-up campaign.

When they resubmit to the newsletter, you want them to be also be associated with those automations.  The duplicate submission rule allows for this.  You append the existing contact rather than override the source.

crm software

Set up a list that filters contacts by either of these sources and the contact will be there.

These refinements let you use your CRM and its automation features to maximum effect.