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Marketing 360® Blog

CRM Case Study: The Beauty of Organization

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | CRM Software

There are many advantages to using customer relationship management (CRM) software.  But the underlying result is one that can set a business owner free:  being organized.

Feeling Fanciful is a pretty business.  Since they provide performing princesses for events, they have to be.  From Sleeping Beauty to Snow White, their job is to dazzle and entertain in a way that’s nothing short of magical.

However, belying this sweet charisma was a problem as ugly as a witch’s wart.

What was this poisonous curse?   Trying to organize client records and relationships using Gmail.

salon meme



This really is a curse on customer service.  Gmail is not designed to be a complete CRM, which is what the owner of Feeling Fanciful discovered.

Essentially (and this will sound familiar if the only way you organize customer communication is in Gmail) she had a folder for every client and every job applicant – past and present.  This became a virtual Rapunzel’s Tower, trapping her atop a stack of outdated contacts and useless folders.

Fortunately, help was on the way in the form of the Marketing 360® CRM, with a strong assist from our email marketing software.

This solution offered instant benefits, including:

  • overall organization
  • quick filters/searches to find needed data
  • help to track client’s purchase journey so she can focus resources on her top performing campaigns
  • ability to run an organized referral program
  • ability to track customer reviews
  • ability to track what products/princesses are most/least popular
  • creating a way of tracking applicants and audition process with final outcome
  • ability to track what events staff attends (when given feedback from event, can quickly and easily find which staff member feedback pertains to)
  • helps categorize lists for email marketing campaigns and automate email blasts to targeted lists

Let’s take one tactical example to illustrate the point.

This business can obviously benefit from using email marketing to reach out to people planning a birthday party.

This used to be a manual process.  The business owner would look at a list of contacts with upcoming birthdays and send out an email manually, one at a time.

With a CRM, she can create a tag that lists everyone that has a birthday in an upcoming month.  That list is uploaded to the email software and this email is sent to everyone on the list:

This isn’t just a time saver.  It’s a far more effective, accurate way to execute an email marketing campaign.

If you’re still struggling with email platforms and notebooks to manage your customer relationships, do what Feeling Fanciful did.  Set the beauty of organization free.

Learn more about how hour CRM works in this video demo.