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Marketing 360® Blog

The Benefits of Pillar Content

Post By Robyn Rivera | Blog | Content Marketing & SEO

Pillar content is a must for your website.

Most business owners are aware of how important it is to publish content on their website on a regular basis. After all, the idea that content is king in the world of SEO (search engine optimization) is well-known.

However, there’s one thing that many business owners don’t understand — not all content is made equal. If you’re creating content with the goal of being more visible in the organic search results, the kind of content you focus on is important.

There are many different types of content you could create for your website, but there’s one type that every business owner should focus on, and that’s pillar content.

What is pillar content?

The simple definition of pillar content is this:

A page or blog that broadly covers several aspects of a single topic.

Think of a pillar page sort of like a complete guide. For example, let’s say that I’m creating a pillar page about adopting a puppy. My page will have several different clusters of information, such as what to think about before adopting, how to prepare your home for your new puppy, what you should buy before you bring your puppy home, the financial considerations of owning a puppy, etc.

Because pillar pages are so informational, they’re usually on the longer side. However, just because you’ve written 200 words on a page, it doesn’t mean that it’s a pillar page. Pillar pages cover all aspects of a single topic, and they must be informative.

5 Reasons Your Site Needs Pillar Content

#1. It’s great for SEO.

If ranking organically in Google search results is your main goal in creating content, then creating pillar pages for your website is a no-brainer. That’s because pillar content can be a powerful SEO tool.

Google’s search algorithm changes regularly, but there’s been one thing that’s always been consistent — Google values informative content. Google doesn’t want to rank content that was created for content’s sake; it wants to rank the kind of content that its users are looking for. Pillar content fits the bill better than almost any other type of content.

Another thing that Google values is authority. Pillar content is the kind of content that earns backlinks, which goes a long way toward establishing authority.

#2. It makes you stand out.

One thing that both Google and readers are looking for in content is originality, and it’s for this reason that creating pillar content is such a great way to stand out online. Pillar content takes a lot of work, and it’s not something that can easily be replicated.

Think about how many of the same articles you’ve seen over and over again online. With so many other plumbers out there blogging about how to prevent drain blogs and what to look for in a quality plumber, it’s not all that easy to make a name for yourself with this type of content. But, pillar content can’t just be rewritten in a different format.

In order to create real pillar content, you have to be knowledgeable about what you’re talking about. Although it doesn’t have to be super in-depth, it should present a range of aspects of a single subject, which often can’t be done with a few minutes of online research.

#3. It’s shareable.

Pillar content is one of the most shareable types of content that you can create. Why is it so shareable? Because it adds real value, and when something is valuable to someone, they want to share it.

When you are able to create helpful content, your readers are going to want to share it on social media. And, the more times your content is shared, the more engagement it’s going to get online. That means more traffic to your website, and more opportunity to demonstrate the value you can add to the lives of your clients or customers.

Don’t just sit back and wait for your pillar content to start earning shares and links. Do your part by sharing your pillar content on social media. You can also make your page more shareable by adding social share icons to either the top or bottom.

#4. It never goes out of style.

There’s certainly a time and place for content that’s more trendy and in the moment. But, another reason why pillar content is such a valuable tool to have on your website is that it’s the kind of content that will never get old and never go out of style.

While this doesn’t have to be true of all pillar pages, most of them are evergreen, which means that the advice and information will be just as applicable a few years down the road as it is now. The example I gave earlier of the “how to adopt a puppy” pillage page is also a great example of this.

Whether someone finds the article today or five years from today, there will always be things people need to consider before adopting a puppy, things people need to purchase, etc. None of that content has an expiration date, which means that it can help you stay relevant for years to come.

#5. It’s helpful and interesting to your readers.

Most businesses have a tremendous amount of competition online, and proving to them how much more value you’ll be able to provide than your competition is one of the most effective ways to make your business stand out online. One of the best ways to go about doing that is by creating pillar content.

Pillar content provides real value to readers because it’s helpful and interesting to them. It demonstrates your knowledge and experience to readers and shows them that you really know what you’re doing.

Not only do people value helpful and interesting content, but Google does, too!

In conclusion, creating pillar content is beneficial for so many reasons, and it’s something that every business should focus on creating. Be sure to stay tuned for my next blog to learn how to create pillar content, and if you’re looking for help creating pillar content for your website, learn more about content creation from Marketing 360® today!