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Case Study: Restoration Company Wins with Natural Listing Ads®

Some businesses have an advantage when it comes to leveraging organic search.  Here is how a Marketing 360® restoration company client using NLA does well with organic search.

There are many local businesses – particularly contractors – that service geographic areas that range far beyond their business location.

This often creates problems with organic search results.  If, for example, you’re a plumber in Windsor, Colorado, Google will recognize this and rank your business for searches in that city – including in the Places results.

But you may also service Fort Collins, Colorado.  But Google isn’t going to favor your organic results in that city – because you’re not located there.  You’ll be at a disadvantage with established businesses located in that service area.

In some cases, the best choice is just to turn to paid search ads using a landing page for that location.

But some businesses can compete organically by optimizing their site for a wider spread of locations.  Tactically, this works when there isn’t as much competition for the service.

Case in point is restoration services.  A Marketing 360® restoration service client came to us wanting to gain organic rankings across most of the Colorado Front Range.  Often, this would be an impossible task.

But this is where competitor analysis paid off.  We looked at the existing businesses in various cities in the region, and determined that we had a strong chance to gain organic ranking for this client.

The Natural Listing Ads® team went to work optimizing their site for the location-based keywords.  After a period of months, page one was breaking, even in large cities like Denver and Colorado Springs:

restoration service nla data

The real story here is how we analyzed this tactic.  No two businesses are alike, and what will work for some businesses in their vertical and location won’t work for others.

These organic results are a boon for this restoration company’s marketing, gaining conversions and increasing awareness in each of the communities they serve.

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